Happiness With A Side Of Tea : Back-to-School Survival Guide

Back-to-School Survival Guide

It feels so nice to be blogging on here again! I've missed my little corner of the internet and I've missed talking to you lovelies. *hugs computer screen* In cased you missed it last month here on the blog was all about back-to-school, hopefully it motivated as well as inspired you all to get in the school spirit. A lot of bloggers around the blogosphere have been buzzing about back-to-school so today I decided to put together a Back-to-school Survival Guide of helpful post and advice.

Shopaholics Beware: 

Back-to-school is my favorite time of the year because of all the brand new school supplies & fall clothes you get to buy. However there should be few a must have on items on your list. 

Calling All College Freshmen: 

Though these tips were targeted for freshmen it's actually very helpful for us upperclassmen as well. Especially those of us who may not have had a traditional college experience but will start soon. 

Organization Tips & Those With Planner Addictions: 

*swoons* This is my most favorite section of them all. I love beautiful planners & organization tips to go with them. Trust me this will really help for the back-to-school season or any season for that matter. You can never be too organized. 

Your Keys To Survival: 

Here's where are you general college & back-to-school tips & advice go. Overall this is the most important section of this lovely survival guide. These are all the key ingredients to survival. *dun dun dun*

Hey Fashionistas & Beauty Guru's: 

Might as well go back to school in style. So here's a little inspiration for you. 

Favorite College Bloggers:

  1. Kayla from Kayla Blogs
  2. Jennifer from The Beautiful Fool
  3. Amanda from Blissful Gal
  4. Rebecca from Life As A Dare 
  5. Dani from Dani Dearest 
  6. Courtney from As We Stumble Along
  7. Amanda from The Happy Arkansan 
  8. Kimberly from Blog For Days 
Their blogs aren't just about college they're lifestyle blogs so they cover a variety of things. Overall they have inspirational, motivating, and fun content. It's always a pleasure reading their post so please go share the love with them and all the other links I mentioned. 

That wraps up my Back-to-School Survival Guide. I hope you found all of these helpful in some way while you're heading back-to-school. If you want more college tips & advice check out my pinterest board dedicated to everything college. 

How's school going for you so far? Any of these links help?