Happiness With A Side Of Tea : Five Places You Should Know The Location of on Your Campus

Five Places You Should Know The Location of on Your Campus

Happy Humpday Wednesday Everyone!! I hope you're having a fabulous week. I start school tomorrow, I am super excited. What has really helped me get prepared for school is the back-to-school guest series going on this month. Today we have another amazing guest post from Jennifer, college/lifestyle, blogger over at The Beautiful Fool. Jennifer has also been doing a college series called One Question Interview, where she ask several bloggers one question, and they share their opinion and insight. So if you're searching for more college advice I recommend you check it out. 

As a freshman in college you probably had a few tours before your first day of college. As you begin to live on campus and go about your life though you quickly realize you A. remember nothing from the 20-minute tour and B. there are many places that tour doesn’t cover. So you find yourself looking like a tourist on your own campus as you try to figure out your campus map and realized you didn’t pay attention when you learned how to read a map in elementary school. Even once you feel like you know all of the locations, there are situations that come up where you find yourself having to go somewhere that you didn’t even know what existed. Since it’s no fun getting lost I thought I would share with the lovely readers of Happiness With a Side of Tea the 5 places that you should figure out where they are now so you know where they are when you need them.

1. Career Center 
Everyone wants a job when they graduate and one of the best resources you have for getting your job is your school’s career resource center. They will be able to help you with your cover letter & resume and answer any questions you have about the job or internship search process. Figure out where the actually career center is early on and then make it a goal to visit them once or twice a semester to make sure you stay on top of thinking about your future career.

2. Lost and Found
The first week of my freshman year I went to a comedy show on our quad and when I was leaving I left my lanyard that had my keys, student ID, and credit cards in it. After spending an hour searching the quad, having a meltdown, and thinking this was a sign that I wasn’t cut out for college, I received an email from our campus security saying some amazing person had found my keys and brought them in to the lost and found. I was so excited and then I realized that I had no clue where the lost and found was. I ended up having to do intense Google searching and got lost along the way there, but I found it and got my keys back. The moral of the story is figure out where your campus lost and found is now and then it’ll make you’re life a lot easier when you have to go there.

3. Where you can rent/use a computer
Since life sucks, there will inevitably be a time when you have some sort of laptop issue. For me it was being out in the rain and my keyboard decided to retaliate for me getting it wet by only letting some of the keys work some of the time. When the inevitable happens though you are going to want to know where the place is on campus that you can rent or use a computer to do your work. It is probably going to be at one of the libraries so I would look around a bit on the library website and you will probably find out the details.

4. You Favorite Study Spot
Everyone I know on my campus had a different favorite spot to study depending on personal preferences and how you learn. Some people like cubicle type studying,
some people like to study in groups, and other people like big open rooms. I’m a fan of the latter and love studying in the big room of our library. Coming from high school you probably aren’t sure what you’re preferred study location is since you’ve been studying at home most of your life. I recommend you spend the first few weeks doing your homework in different locations and seeing which one you are the most productive and focused in. That will be your ideal location.

5. Free Parking
If you have a guest coming with a car the first thing they are probably going to ask you is ”‘where do I park?” On most campuses, a lot of the parking will cost money, but there are always a few areas that someone can park for free or a lot cheaper. This would probably be a really good thing to ask upperclassman about who will know where the best places are to park since they have been living there a lot longer.