Happiness With A Side Of Tea : 5 Tips For Back To School

5 Tips For Back To School

Happy Monday Everyone!! Just two more weeks of the back-to-school guest post series here on the blog. To those of you who already started school, I hope it's been off to a great start and for those of you who have yet to start I wish you luck. Today's guest post blogger loves planning, organization, nail polish, and DIYs. It's Megan who blogs over at Just Moogley

What, it’s back to school season?! No way! Don’t worry, I’m here to share my top 5 (in no particular order) tips to make going back to school just a little easier. Going back to school is never fun, but over the years I’ve learned a few things about making a new school year a little more bearable. Of course, this is what works for me, but it may not be what works for you!

1.Go to sleep earlier.
It’s proven that students, specifically high school students benefit more from starting classes in later in the day. Generally though, most schools start classes between 7-9 am, which totally sucks. To help fix this problem, hit the hay a little earlier the night before, this way, you can get more sleep! Most scientists recommend 8-9 hours of sleep for teens, but of course, that’s not always realistic! In the end, your brain needs to rest and heal itself, and it has a hard time doing that when you’re awake! If your brain and body gets the rest that it needs, you’ll have an easier time paying attention in class and taking the proper notes, and in the end that will make studying easier!

From my experience, eating a good, nutrient-rich breakfast before class makes all the difference. Sometimes you don’t always have the time to make the full-fledged breakfast with yummy bacon and pancakes; that’s okay, grab a bowl of cereal or oatmeal, even a granola bar or yogurt will do the trick! Not eating breakfast is like driving your car on E (which, as a college kid, we do from time to time), It’s super bad for your car to not have the right fuel to make it run correctly, and it’s super bad for your body to not have fuel either! Food is what gives our bodies the energy it needs to function, and if your body is functioning correctly, then it will help you feel more focused and awake. Which means you’ll be paying attention in class, and not falling asleep.

3. Stay focused.
It’s hard to stay focused in school if it’s the last place you want to be. My advice is remember your goal. For most students it’s probably graduating, whether that’s from high school or college. If your goal is to get the heck outta there, then do it. Stay focused, kick some butt, and graduate! Trust me, it’s SO much easier succeed if you actually try. It may not be easier, and it’s probably not very fun, but you’ll be very proud of yourself when you reach your goal!

4. Be yourself.
My least favorite part about starting school is making friends. I grew up in the same neighborhood with the same kids, so making friends at the start of new school year wasn’t an issue until we moved from Texas to California. The biggest thing I learned was to be yourself. The people who are worth being friends with, will really appreciate if you are being honest and true! Just be your goofy, awesome self, and then you’ll make the best friends ever! No one can ask anymore of you, and if you’re comfortable in your own skin, more people will want to be around you. Thus, solving the no friends issue! :)

5. Get a planner.
It’s no secret I’m a planner junkie. I have a huge planner collection, and spend way more than I probably should on them! Getting a planner has been the most helpful thing I’ve done! It helps you manage your time, homework, social life, and anything else you to need to keep track of! You can get fancy and use stickers, washi tape, etc. Or you can keep it simple and just grab a pen and write it all down. Your planner doesn’t have to be a super expensive one, it can just be whatever works for you! I use an Erin Condren, but I always have a few planners from Target and WalMart in my collection and they work just the same! :) Some people don’t even use a planner, and they use something like the bullet journal method, or a midori. Some even use just a plain old notebook! :)

In the end, like I said going back to school is never fun, but you can make it easier on yourself. Remember, take it seriously, stay focused, sleep more and get organized! :) If I can do it, trust me, you can too!