Happiness With A Side Of Tea : 5 Ways To Be A Better Roommate

5 Ways To Be A Better Roommate

I hope everyone is having an awesome week. Today's guest post blogger is a completely sweetheart. She blogs about college, design, beauty, fitness, and more. I'm happy to have Audrey from Whimsical Wanderings taking over my blog today. 

It's the weirdest feeling in the world to be left in a room with someone you may have never met before and be expected to get along for the next year! Unfortunately, not every roommate situation is perfect, so here's five ways to help you be an amazing roommate!

MAKE A ROOMMATE AGREEMENT// It's so important to make your preferences known from the beginning! Talk through every possibility: whether you study with music, if you don't want guests after a certain time, etc. It saves so much tension later! At my university, our RA made one with us, but regardless of whether yours does the same, I promise that it will be so helpful to have a set of rules that you've both decided to stick to. 

BE HONEST IF SOMETHING'S BOTHERING YOU// This one was so hard for me during my freshman year. So many things happened that annoyed me, but I was too scared to say anything for fear of making my roommate mad. As a result, I found myself frustrated and a little angry almost constantly. Which definitely didn't fix my problem. If only I had just laid out my preferences from the beginning! Don't let your frustrations fester in silence, it's always better to be honest. 

BE A FRIEND// Sometimes, I was so upset by little things that annoyed me that I forgot to be a friend. Even if you're not BFF's, you can still be there for them when they break up with their boyfriend or make a bad grade on an important test. Spend faulty time getting to know each other and just be a friend! 

BE CONSIDERATE// Don't just focus on what you want. Try to understand your roommate's preferences and sympathize with what they may want! Sometimes I found myself so focused on how I thought my roommate was being inconsiderate or rude, that I didn't even realize that there were ways that I could have made our relationship better or been more considerate myself! 

DO TO THEM WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO DO FOR YOU// If you go out of your way to be kind to your roommate, it will make even an uncomfortable situation a lot better! Not only that, do to them what you want them to do for you! Keep your side of the room clean, do your share of the cleaning, try to be quiet while they're sleeping in the mornings. The little things will make all the difference. 

Even if you and your roommate aren't best friends, you want them to be able to look back and think that you were a great roommate! Hopefully these tips will hep you have an amazing year at college whether you're a freshman or a senior!

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