Happiness With A Side Of Tea : Four Ways To Stay On-Track This Semester

Four Ways To Stay On-Track This Semester

Happy Humpday Wednesday!! I am happy to announce we have another guest post on the blog. Her personality really shows through her blog. She's passionate and such a joy to talk to. Today's guest post blogger is Brooke who blogs over at The Pink Lyme. 

Hi! It’s Brooke, here, guest posting from over at The Pink Lyme blog! The thought of heading back to school in just a few weeks is enough to make anybody a little bit nervous, but with these 4 ways to stay on-track this semester, there’s no need for the nerves – you’re bound to radiate true happiness, become confident in your abilities as a student, and find yourself to be successful in all of your endeavors!

1 // Get app-happy. There are so many incredible apps that you can download on your smart phone to help you organize your time. Wunderlist is so perfect for creating to-do lists, Evernote is fantastic for writing down little notes or important information that pops up during the day, and Sworkit is an easy way to get in some exercise, no matter how jam-packed your schedule might be!

2 // Find an accountability buddy. Sometimes, we need to enlist the help of others when our metaphorical self-discipline “muscle” is too weak to stand alone on its own! Ask a friend to make sure you are making progress on achieving your goals and it can truly work wonders (and be sure to return that favor!). If you are feeling a sudden urge to skip out on heading to the library in favor of eating popcorn in your bed while donning your favorite footie pajamas, think again! Your accountability buddy would never let you go over to the dark side…

3 // Go on dates… with yourself! In order to prevent that feeling of getting “burnt out” from working too hard for too long, make sure to carve out an hour of “me-time”, daily! Whether you enjoy meditation, reading for pleasure, walking around in nature, or indulging in your latest Netflix obsession, pick an activity that will allow you to nourish your soul, ya know what I mean!? *clutches hand to chest dramatically* ahaha!

4 // Remember that your professors are real people, too. They, more often than not, are incredibly brilliant, kind, and inspiring individuals with so much more to offer than just the ability to lecture at you for about an hour, every other day! Make an appointment just one-on-one to learn more about what initially sparked their interest in what they teach, how they came to the realization that they wanted to become a professor, and any other interests they might have, other than what you already know (I once had an English professor who is a polyglot – so impressive!).

With these tips, you’ll definitely be killin’ it this semester! Wishing you all the best semester yet!

Brooke A. Safferman is the founder of The Pink Lyme, a fashion & lifestyle blog that will make you smile, laugh, and love your life! She is a 21-year-old English major at Connecticut College, an aspiring entrepreneur, and involved in multiple groups centered around female empowerment. Her favorite things in life include being a bookworm, snuggling with her pug-dog named Pepper, eating Nutella straight out of the jar, and the color pink, in general.