Happiness With A Side Of Tea

It's Time To Say Goodbye

It's hard to believe it'll be 2 years in December since I started this blog. When I started this blog I wasn't really sure where I wanted it to go or knew the path it would take me one. It's been one hell of a journey. I started out purely as a hobby then I got into some Facebook groups and I wanted it to be so much more than that. I love blogging, it's become a part of who I am.

For the longest time I've been trying to improve my little space here. There's all these different things projects I want to take on, new topics to write about, and possibly monetize without selling my soul to the devil. I'm sad but also happy to say I can't do that here. I've outgrown Happiness With A Side Of Tea. I had no clear direction of who I was or what I wanted to do with this space when I started but now that I do. I want to provide you all with more inspiring/motivational content, dish out my relationship advice based on my success & failed attempts with dating, share products with you guys, and I want to talk about the college life more. I want to empower, inspire, and motivate you on this journey through life. I'm going to do that somewhere else. I'm going to do a complete rebranding and redesign. New blog name, new look, new goals, and new aspirations. I'd love for you to join me. I'll still be on my social media's revealing some sneak peaks and keeping you up with the process. My new blog will be going live hopefully by next year *fingers crosses*.

It's time to say goodbye & hello to the new possibilities.


The Versatile Blogger Award

I was happy and honored to be nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award by a one of my favorite college bloggers Kimberly from Blogs For Days. So please send some love her way. The best things about these awards is you get to know some things about me you may not have known before.

The Versatile Blogger Award 

The rules for this are quite simple and are as follows:
  • Thank the person (or in my case, people) who nominated you.
  • Include a link to their blog(s).
  • Write seven facts about yourself.
  • Nominate fifteen bloggers to pass the award along to

Here are seven random facts about me: 

1. I collect old and new postcards. I collect postcards from places I've been as a souvenir and collecting old ones became a fun hobby. I love reading the letters and romanticizing a back-story for the receiver and the sender. Weird thing is I don't send postcards to anyone hopefully that will change. 

2. I have a mug addiction sometimes it gets out of hand. I love coffee so naturally I'm in love with different, cute and unique mugs. So far I have 6 mugs and counting. The great thing about this addiction is that I actually use all of them at some point. So it's not a waste. I also try to control myself and only buy a new mug every month or so. 

3. I'm a procrastinator. It seems surprising to people because I'm well organized or least I try to be and I manage to get things done on time but I get easily distracted. I rather play tetris & binge watch on Netflix then work on assignments. 

4. I've had a crush on Nick Jonas since the Jonas Brothers did a song for the soundtrack of Meet The Robinson's. I believe that was before Camp Rock. Anywho I've always had a girly crush on him. It was quite shocking to realize we're around the same age back then I always thought he was much older. 

5. I used to have stuff animals until recently. What would a 20 year old girl be doing with stuff animals. I used to collect stuff animals when I was littler even in high school. However they had a sentimental value to me because of the people who gave them to me. I could look at a stuff animal and name the person who gave it to me. I finally decided to give them away only keeping my build-a-bears because of space. I think it's okay since those memories will always be with me regardless. 

6. At some point in life I hated dresses, skirts, and blouses. The only time I'd wear a dress is when my grandma bought me one every spring to wear on Easter. I have always loved just jeans and a t-shirt. Most likely because I wasn't all that confident in myself or my body. Now I am and I have to say I feel a lot happier and comfortable wearing them but every now and then you'll catch me in a t-shirt and jeans. 

7. I'm camera shy. When I was younger my dad used to love taking photos of me. Somedays he'd take me to the park to play just so he could snap some. Looking back at all his photos he's a great photographer. However when I reached high school I hated being in photos and I hated people taking my photos. Of course it has to deal with my insecurities about my body and such. I'm very slowly trying to break that. 

I nominate: 

1. Amanda from The Happy Arkansan
2. Rebecca from Life as a Dare
3. Valerie from Wildflowers & Curls
4. Lexi from A Blissful Haven
5. Audrey from Whimsical Wanderings
6. Simone from Primpster's Chic
7. Amanda from Blissful Gal 
8. Courtney from Courtney's Little Things
9. Jasmine from Classy Sassy and A Bit Smartassy 
10. Angel from Growing Old Disgracefully 
11. Erica from Coming Up Roses 
12. Jenni from The Beautiful Fool
13. Kenzie from Sincerely Kenz
14. Mikayla from A Seersucker State Of Mind 
15. Cathleen from Classy Cathleen

Book Review: The Blender Girl Smoothies by Tess Masters

I'm not exactly a breakfast or a lunch person. Somedays I can get so caught up in all the task that I need to do that I forget to eat an actually meal. I'll admit that's not the most healthy lifestyle but it's something I've always done since I started jr. high school. It's definitely a habit I never learned to break. However I do love making smoothies so far I only ever made smoothies with yogurt and a few fruits. I've always wanted to up my game and make more unique and flavorful smoothies but I never really know where to start or what goes and what doesn't. So I was excited when I saw The Blender Girl Smoothies on Blogging for Books.

I tried a variety of smoothies that were really tasty though the ingredients might say other wise.I thought I'd list a few things I enjoyed about this book. 

Teaches You How To Create Your Own Smoothie:
Most recipe books don't really teach you how to put together your own recipes from scratch but this book does. It teaches you the fundamentals of how to make a smoothie, how many servings you're meant to put for each, and how to incorporate nuts, seeds, grains, dates, and etc. I was able to make my very own smoothie and it turned out great. 

Find The Right Recipe For You: 
Each recipe has little symbols to explain what kind of benefits you can get from the smoothie. So if you have inflammatory, need something energizing, or need something detoxing. You can choose a smoothie based on what you need or how you're feeling. There's a wide selection within the book. Also there's different categories of smoothies you can choose from light & fruity, clean & green, an exotic ride, and dessert. I got a chance to try one from each. They really are delicious. 

Learn All About Flavoring & Combining Different Things:
In the back of the book it teaches you all bout the different liquids, spices, grains, nuts, fruits, veggies, and etc that you can add to a smoothie. It gives you tips on how to combine the different flavors to make your own unique smoothies. 

Easy To Make & Easy To Find Ingredients: 
This is the ultimate reason why I love this book. These smoothies are fairly easy to make and it's not time consuming, which is perfect for me since I'm always too busy to get something to eat. Also the ingredients aren't too hard to find I prefer fresh but I realized unless your making smoothies everyday maybe frozen might be the way to go. 

I love this book, it couldn't have came at a better time. I've been making smoothies for breakfast that hold me off until lunch. I believe if you're mom on the go, college student, or you're a smoothie fanatic then this book is definitely for you.

Click these links to learn more about Tess Masters & The Blender Girl Smoothies

September Goals Are In

I hope everyone is having a lovely Monday morning. I can't believe it's already September, Hobby Lobby already has Christmas decorations up. I think they're skipping some important holidays but it made me realize in a few months this year will be over already. Where does all the time go? Doesn't it feel like we just started 2015 a few months ago. Nonetheless it's another month down and another set of goals to make but first let's recap August Goals. 

Improving Social Media & Social Media Engagement: This month I learned just how hard this is. I realized that I can't control what others actions I can only change my actions. So I decided I'd be more social and engage with others via twitter and instagram. In the beginning I also decided to have a posting schedule for all my social media accounts but I saw that it wasn't genuine and it put a lot of pressure on me. So instead I'm deciding to focus on engaging more and creating better content. 

Consistency: I always seem to lose motivation which makes being consistent a challenge. So the first few weeks were easy then towards the end morale got low but I fought through it and I managed to keep up with everything. Hopefully I'll be able continue this. 

Morning Free Writes: Completely failed on this one. I think I did this one morning and never tried again. It was difficult making time in my morning routine to add this in which is no excuse. Regardless of morning free writes I still had amazing mornings. Maybe I'll move morning free writes to the evening. 

Figure Out Where I Want This To Go: This takes more than a month that's for sure. I've made little steps towards figuring out where I want my blog to go but I'm still not 100% sure but I think 25% is better than where I started. I've com up with topics I want to discuss, a new design I want to try out, the possibility of sponsored post on here. 

September Goals:

Make Time For Others: Between my blog and college it's hard to balance personal life and relationships however it's very important that I do. Soon I'll be balancing blogging, course work, weekly volunteer tutoring, and hopefully work study. So I need to start figuring out how to make time for maintaining those relationships with people in my life. 

Phone-less/No Social Media Days or Time: I admit I spend to much time on my computer and phone. I usually think well I'm a blogger and I love being connected but it interferes with my first goal quite a bit. I usually stay off social media during the weekends but there are times when I'm on it. So I want to take time on the weekends to stay off social media completely, when I'm doing homework, and during family activities. It's going to be a hard task but it's something I need to do.

Dealing With My Anxiety: I have the worse social anxiety which interfere's with a lot of the things I'd like to do in life. So little by little I've been trying to overcome my anxiety. I talked about the first step towards overcoming anxiety here before. Now that I know what fears trigger my anxiety it's time to start doing something about those fears. So this month I want to start small, build up my courage and confidence. Then start working on the bigger fears. 

Admit When Enough Is Enough: I'm the type of person who will work and work for anything I want or anything I committed to. It's just the way I was taught and the way I am. However sometimes I need to admit when is enough is enough for me. I don't want to overwork myself too hard. As I said in the first goal I'll be taking on a few extra things and I'm testing my limits. So when I start to see a problem with keeping up or my health. I need to step back and take a break. 

What are your goals for this month? How did you do last month?

Back-to-School Survival Guide

It feels so nice to be blogging on here again! I've missed my little corner of the internet and I've missed talking to you lovelies. *hugs computer screen* In cased you missed it last month here on the blog was all about back-to-school, hopefully it motivated as well as inspired you all to get in the school spirit. A lot of bloggers around the blogosphere have been buzzing about back-to-school so today I decided to put together a Back-to-school Survival Guide of helpful post and advice.

Shopaholics Beware: 

Back-to-school is my favorite time of the year because of all the brand new school supplies & fall clothes you get to buy. However there should be few a must have on items on your list. 

Calling All College Freshmen: 

Though these tips were targeted for freshmen it's actually very helpful for us upperclassmen as well. Especially those of us who may not have had a traditional college experience but will start soon. 

Organization Tips & Those With Planner Addictions: 

*swoons* This is my most favorite section of them all. I love beautiful planners & organization tips to go with them. Trust me this will really help for the back-to-school season or any season for that matter. You can never be too organized. 

Your Keys To Survival: 

Here's where are you general college & back-to-school tips & advice go. Overall this is the most important section of this lovely survival guide. These are all the key ingredients to survival. *dun dun dun*

Hey Fashionistas & Beauty Guru's: 

Might as well go back to school in style. So here's a little inspiration for you. 

Favorite College Bloggers:

  1. Kayla from Kayla Blogs
  2. Jennifer from The Beautiful Fool
  3. Amanda from Blissful Gal
  4. Rebecca from Life As A Dare 
  5. Dani from Dani Dearest 
  6. Courtney from As We Stumble Along
  7. Amanda from The Happy Arkansan 
  8. Kimberly from Blog For Days 
Their blogs aren't just about college they're lifestyle blogs so they cover a variety of things. Overall they have inspirational, motivating, and fun content. It's always a pleasure reading their post so please go share the love with them and all the other links I mentioned. 

That wraps up my Back-to-School Survival Guide. I hope you found all of these helpful in some way while you're heading back-to-school. If you want more college tips & advice check out my pinterest board dedicated to everything college. 

How's school going for you so far? Any of these links help?