Happiness With A Side Of Tea : A Dose Of Happiness: Know Yourself

A Dose Of Happiness: Know Yourself

Happy Monday Everyone!! I hope you all had an amazing weekend. I can't believe it's the last week of June, time really flies by and I never can seem to catch up. I suppose that's what happens when you spend most of your free time binge watching Once Upon A Time on Netflix. 

So lately I've come to realize that my blog is named Happiness With A Side Of Tea and yet I don't talk about how we can live happier lives. I know I'm horrible so I decided to change that up and share a little fun thing you can do towards the direction of being happier. 
In order to know where to start on how to be a better more happier you. You need to ask yourself two questions. What changes could I make in my life that would make me happier? These can be little or big changes anything you think of that can contribute to your happiness. The next question is How can I make these changes? You know what's going to make you happier. Now you need a game plan. I always like to break my bigger goals into smaller goals to accomplish in the short term that way it keeps me motivated and moving towards something. 

Once you've got your game plan there's an important step I think you should take before starting to work towards your goals. You need to get to know yourself better. I'm sure that sounds crazy because obviously who knows you better than yourself. However there are many times when I do something or feel a certain way and I have no idea why but I'd like to know. So I have 3 test that are going to help you put meaning behind your behavior and personality. 
Gretchin Rubin's Quiz: The Four Tendencies: 

In this test based on your answers you're going to get one of these tendencies Obliger, Questioner, Rebel, or Upholder. The goal is to help you understand how you respond to expectations. Which will ultimately help you figure out how you can stick to your goals. 

I'm an Obliger which means that I tend to meet outer expectations versus inner expectations. That was no shock for me. I have trouble accomplish goals I've made for myself however if someone were to give me a goal and expect something from me I'll most likely accomplish that goal. How does that help me move towards happier life? I've been wanting to exercise for the longest time however it's hard for me to keep the motivation to do it but as soon as my mom asked me to walk with her because she didn't want to walk alone. I was up by 6:00am dressed and ready to go on this walk. So by knowing how you respond to expectations helps you come up ways to achieve expectations either one that someone makes for you or expectations you make for yourself. 

5 Love Languages:

This is my favorite test because it's extremely accurate and beneficial.  In this test you'll receive a score in each "love language" which is Words Of Affirmation. Acts Of Service Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch. This represents how you express your love and how you prefer someone to express their love for you. I believe a great lesson to take from this is understanding that there are different ways to express your love for someone and someone might resonate better with one versus another. How is this going to help you though? Learning your love language is great to help work through relationships but it's also great to learning how to love yourself. Loving yourself is a key ingredient to being happy. 

You can also used what you learned towards helping you work towards your goal at being happy. For example I scored high in Words Of Affirmation and Quality Time. When trying to reach certain goals I could always paste words of affirmations on my mirror that way I am motivated to start each morning. If quality time is how I prefer to be loved then why not spend some time with my family and friends which will contribute to my happiness tremendously. 

Jung Typology Test or The Jung & Myer Briggs Personality Test:

In this test you're going to get 4 letters. Each of those letters represents a preference of your attitude, how you perceive things, and how you make decisions. You will be tested like this Introvert vs Extravert, Sensing vs Intuition, Thinking vs Feeling, and Judging vs Perceiving. Also with the 4 letters you'll each get a percentage number. How they determine the percentage is like this 
Extravert [100%------0------100%] Intovert  The closer you are to 0 you're like a swinger which means you can be either or depending but if you're higher than 20% it means your one or the other. 
After you're done you can get your results and see what exactly they mean. Every person is going to vary however it's still very beneficial on your path to happiness. You can know your weakness and turn them into strengths as well as using your strengths to help accomplish your goals.

Hopefully this helps some of you learn more about yourself you might not have known and ultimately helps you work towards a better happier version of yourself. If you take the test feel free to come back and share what you got. I hope everyone is having an amazing summer so far. In case you're not taking advantage of this amazing weather click here for some date ideas for couples, singles, and friends.

What could you be doing in your life to make yourself a little happier?