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Fun In The Sun: Summer Date Ideas

It's officially summer because it feels like 100 degrees outside most of the time. Though I've been waiting for this moment all winter I feel like I haven't been really taking advantage of the lovely weather. So I decided to round-up certain post of date ideas for couples, singles, or best friend. It gives an opportunity for everyone to enjoy fun in the sun or maybe some fun indoor ideas.

50 Sizzling Summer Date Ideas: I absolutely love The Dating Diva's if I had any dates lined-up they'd definitely be my go to. Mostly because everything is already planned out for you some dates include printables & decor. I think it's perfect if you have a busy lifestyle. 

50 Fun Summer Date Ideas: This post is from Her Campus. It's just a general list of dating ideas some are very inexpensive like stargazing, picnic in the park, and bike rides. They have some really awesome ideas that you might have not thought of. 

10 Cute Summer Ideas On A College Budget: This post is by srtrends. Though it's a small list they're very great ideas. Some the ideas are perfect to do with someone or just to do by yourself. The options are endless. 

20 Best Friend Date Ideas: It's always great to spend a little time with your best friend. The Sorority Secrets have the best date ideas for you and the besties. Some of the things you can do alone but sometimes it's great to have company. 

Epic Guide to Dating Yourself: I am such a big fan of Vicky from Random Little Things. She's all about self-love and encourages everyone to do just that. This is such a great post on why dating yourself is important, how you don't need to be single to date yourself, and of course ideas on what to do on your date. They're such great dating ideas. I've already tried a few and it's the best. 

Hopefully you guys are taking advantage of this hot yet lovely weather. If not then hopefully some of these dating ideas help you take advantage of this weather while it last. I hope everyone is having an amazing summer. 

How's your summer going? What have you been doing to take advantage of this summer weather?