Happiness With A Side Of Tea : It's August Goals

It's August Goals

Happy Monday!! We're ending yet another month in a few weeks. I'm super excited for August because I have a few projects and plans for this little corner of the blogosphere. I am really excited about it, so stayed tuned.

I am not much a monthly goal person. I am sure I told you all that by now. However I wanted to try this monthly goal thing. So I can lead by example. I truly believe having goals are important I usually make long term goals versus short term goals. However I am coming to see how important these monthly goals are to my long term goal. They're like stepping stones to accomplish those bigger goals. I encourage you guys to make them and try them out with me. 

Come Up With A Blogging Schedule Or Plan: I came up with a editorial calendar/content calendar. I just based it on monthly holidays, what usually goes on in that month, and special dates in each month.  I started writing down topics under each month based on that information for some months that came up dry. I invented something to talk about or what they month would be. It truly has helped my post planning experience. I recommend it. I also downloaded some helpful planning apps. I think I'll go more into detail in another post. 

Create Better Content: This was really important to me. I wanted to create better content for you guys. I always love hearing your comments because it helps me figure out what you like and what you'd like to see more of. I've been doing the Does Of Happiness segments you all seem to love that. Next month we're going to try something different here on the blog and we'll see how well it goes and we might do it again. Be looking for the announcement. 

Blogging/College Can't Consume Me: I was listening to the Good Life Project podcast by Jonathan Fields. He said something in there that I really took to heart "there's no such thing as a work and life balance. It should be a work and life merging".  I applied that to my life.  I love blogging and I enjoy majoring in Psychology. I should be able to merge them with my everyday life. There shouldn't be one over and figuring out how to separate each of them because they each affect my life in many ways. I've been a lot happier not worrying about whether I am spending too much time in one over the other. 

Take Time Out To Do Something I Love: This was really important towards living a happier life. I took time each day to do something I love whether it was just 5 minutes or 1 hour. I listened to podcast, read, took a bath, wrote, and spent time with friends and family. Taking time our to do each of those things really put me in a good mood throughout the day and month. 

August Goals: 

1.) Improving Social Media & Social Media Engagement: I've been making goals towards increasing my following on different social media platforms. I was thinking now that I have everyone "What I am going to do?" So I've been researching on all the things I can do to improve social media and ways I can get you guys engaging. This month I want to focus on each of those. 

2.) Consistency: I'd like to have consistency here in blogging but also in my life in general. I am so used to doing something for a few weeks or months then not doing it at all. So if I learned how to be consistent I think it'd help a lot of other goals I'd like to accomplish. For instance like exercising daily, cooking each week, reading, and many more. 

3.) Morning Free Writes: I heard how beneficial this is for life and the writing process. I'd like to sit down every morning and just write about my dreams, feelings, or whatever has been going through my mind. It's like purging out my soul. I am sure afterwards I'd feel good and ready to start the day knowing I got some of those things out even if I didn't tell anyone. So I want to try it out and see how it goes for me. 

4.) Figuring Out Where I Want This Go: I know this should have been something I figured out a year ago before I even started. However I have shared here that this blog wasn't exactly planned. I never expected it to get to where it is now. So I never had a plan as to what I wanted to be or where I wanted to go with it. However the more I blog the more I love it. It has become a part of my life and it's finally to sit down and figure out my game plan. Me and this blog definitely need to DTR (Define The Relationship). 

How Did You Do On Your July Goals? What Are Your Goals For August?