Happiness With A Side Of Tea : Fun Professional Looks for School

Fun Professional Looks for School

The one thing I love the most about going back-to-school is the back-to-school shopping and sales. Everyone has a summer sale since fall is approaching then on top of that you have the back-to-school sales. There's so many great deals. I thought I'd share some formal outfit ideas.

I'd love to dress a little more formal to school with the blazers and cute blouses. Sadly, I am more of the lazy girl type of look I put on a tank top and throw a cardigan over it. I have morning classes so I'm normally not in the mood to put effort into my outfits anyway. However if I did decided to put a little effort into my outfits I'd try looks like these. 

Dressy Back-To-School Outfit With Blazer

I like pairing navy with light pink they really pair well together. I prefer tucking my tops into my skirts to give the illusion that it's a dress which is what I'd do here. Tuck that top into the skirt and put on the navy blazer. BAM! Killer outfit for school. Of course we can't forget to accessorize.

Sexy Red Outfit
Forever 21 long cardigan / 3Hearts red top / Forever 21 high-waisted jeans / Forever 21 lace up boots / Forever 21 gemstone jewelry / Tech accessory / Drinkware

I loved the design and color of this top. You could pair this top with with white jeans as well it'll look just as good. This is my favorite outfit thus far. Tip: Dark bright colors usually look great with white pants. 

Peplum Top w/ Blazer

Soprano white peplum top / 3 4 sleeve blazer / Blue jean jacket / Necklace / Tech accessory / Topshop nail polish,  / Womens Choppy Peep Toe Flat | American Eagle | Payless Shoes

This outfit came together because of the necklace. I saw that necklace fell in love and knew I had to make an outfit for it. I originally wanted to find a teal/mint blazer instead. I had trouble finding one so I went ahead and paired it with a light pink one but it would also look great with a denim jacket.

Patel & Floral

Red jacket / Old Navy clothing / Racerback cami / Forever 21 shoes / Forever 21 layered necklace / Deborah Lippmann nail polish

I like this look because it's a little more soft. I usually pick one color out of a top to emphasize through the whole outfit. In this case I chose the pink, but navy would have been a good choice as well. Once again there's a blazer. I just think blazers are the highlight of professional looks.

What are your go to pieces for dressing more professional?