Happiness With A Side Of Tea : Cute Totes for School Under $30

Cute Totes for School Under $30

It's back-to-school time!! This is officially the last week of summer for some of us, next month it's back to that school grind. As much as I love summer I am excited for Fall semester. So this week and the rest of August I've dedicated all post to back-to-school. I'll be sharing tips and advice on everything back-to-school. The best part is I won't be doing it alone. Next month I'm opening my blog to some amazing bloggers who will be sharing their tips on back-to-school too. So don't miss out on all this great stuff. 

I've been using a backpack for classes but this semester I wanted to make the change and start using a tote. I think a backpack is great when you're hauling so many books and other things but this semester most of my classes are online and professors never require us to have our books in class. So I thought why not just get a tote. It was extremely hard to find totes that are big enough, that seemed durable, and at a decent price. Finally with looking in the right places I saw a few totes under $30 that matched all my needs. I wanted to share them with you all in case you were running across the same problem or in case you might be considering some totes. 

Totes Under $30

This handbag is from Tjmaxx just a few dollars under the $30 mark. It may look small however the interior view of the bag is really roomy. It's perfect for a few notebooks, folders, planner, and school supplies. It's not an over the shoulder bag but I liked it. 

This lovely tote is from Forever 21. I actually loved this tote because it looks durable and seems big enough to hold my laptop. I don't mind carrying my laptop in my arm but it'd be nice to not have to. Of course it's big enough to hold all the things you'll need for school. This tote is deeper than the others. So that's a huge plus to me. 

Another tote from Tjmaxx. I thought this was worth the money because it comes with an additional bag. I probably don't need it but it can be used for something like holding wallets, lip gloss, pens, pencils or etc. So I think it's perfect of course you'd have to take out the additional bag to fit your books and things in but it's alright with me. 

This tote is from T.J.Maxx again. Unlike #3 this one comes with an additional bag and it's reversible. I've been noticing that the reversible totes are all the rage. It's like buying two bags in one. So I had to include this when I saw it. The inside is print is sort of like snack skin pattern. It's big enough to hold all your back-to-school goodies. 

I found this on Etsy. It's from Suzies Sweet Stuff. I loved this tote because everything is customized. You can pick the color you want, initials, font style, font color, and the lining color. It's big enough for everything you need. It's super cute. 

Another tote from Forever 21. It comes with a pouch that's perfect for pens and pencils. The bag has lots of space in it. I believe it would fit my laptop as well. As the ones above I think it's really worth your money if it comes with a little something extra. 

So there's my totes under $30. I love all of them so it's hard to pick just one however I am leaning towards the Monogrammed Tote.  Don't forget to come back check out all Back-to-school topics we'll be discussing about as well as who the lovely visitors will be.  

What Tote Do You Like?