Happiness With A Side Of Tea : Book Review: Between The Dark and The Daylight by Joan Chittister

Book Review: Between The Dark and The Daylight by Joan Chittister

The conscious and the subconscious it's one of the many things we learn in psychology. Your conscious is apart of the brain that usual functions while your awake unless your day dreaming then that's your subconscious. Your subconscious is where you keep all the unwanted feelings or thoughts you don't want to deal with during the day. It's a mechanism we all seem to have one way or another.

Once you're headed to bed and the day ends those unwanted thoughts and feelings come out and play. Since the day is ending there's nothing we can really do to keep our mind off of those thoughts so you're forced to think about them. Most of us just continue this process daily never really resolving those issues we keep hidden in our subconscious. However the more you ignore them the worse those feelings get, which eventually will take a toll on you. If that sounds like something you do or something you struggle with. Between The Dark and the Daylight: Embracing the Contradictions of Life is a great book to help guide you on that journey towards figuring those thoughts that haunt you at night.

Joan Chittister definitely touches on some big internal struggles we have in life. She talks about contradictions in life I never really saw before like how to find liberation in loss or the emptiness of accumlication. I enjoy her perspective on these contradictions, their enlightening. I like that she just doesn't come out and say "You need to this.. or you need to do that.."

She shares personal experiences, stories, quotes, and other forms of examples to explain each chapter. I believe setting it up like this is easier to relate to or understand. The chapters seem to be just a few pages long in that way it's not an overload of information. All those aspects put together allows you to truly ponder on each chapter, take the information and apply it to your life in a way that the lessons are more meaningful to you. I love that way of learning. It's not enough just to read it and learn it but you need to be to apply it.

Overall I believe this book has helped me on my journey through self-actualization and contentment. It was an eye-opening book that has truly changed the way I deal with internal struggles. I know it doesn't happen overnight and it starts with me.
I enjoyed reading this book and give it 5 stars.

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