Happiness With A Side Of Tea : A Dose Of Happiness: Let's Be Morning People

A Dose Of Happiness: Let's Be Morning People

Happy Monday Everyone. I wanted to start this week off on a great note so why not have another segment of A Dose Of Happiness. In case you missed it I've decided to talk more about happiness and how we can be a little bit better and happier since after all this is Happiness With A Side Of Tea. On the first post for this segment I talked about the importance of getting to know yourself and 3 fun test that can help you do that. Today I thought we'd talk about Morning Routines since it's the start of our day.

I never thought morning routines made a big difference in my overall day or my happiness boy was I misguided. To be honest I am not much of a morning person though there are times when I have great mornings I realized that's because I did something in my morning routine to make it great. I've been overlooking the importance of my morning routine it either starts my day off on a positive or negative not. I wanted to change that so I came up with a few tips to help your morning routine. Together we can become morning people or at least try. 

1. Take Time To Do Something You Enjoy

This is first because it's the key ingredient to better mornings trust me. Spend a few minutes or an hour reading a book, listening to a podcast, watching your favorite morning show, drinking coffee with your significant other, or talking to your children or other family members. These make a huge difference to your morning. It makes you feel good knowing you spent a little time doing something you loved. I usually listen to podcast and it always makes me smile not to mention they give wonderful advice that stay with me throughout the day. 

2. Don't Snooze Your Alarm

I have a tendency of snoozing my alarm just because I want those few extra moments in bed. If you're like me don't do it because being late will prevent you from doing #1. Not to mention I always feel a bit worse in the morning knowing I am running late. Also running late usually makes you forget something or prevents you from doing something you were supposed to do. So don't hit that snooze button because you will regret it. I think running late is usually a start to a bad day at least from the stories I hear and have experienced. 

3. Eat Breakfast = Get Energy 

I am not much of a breakfast person either however I end up regretting that by 2:00pm when my body needs some more energy other than the coffee I've been putting in. I've learned the importance of putting something in your stomach in the morning even if it's something like yogurt and fruits. If you're like me a simple solution is replace a least one coffee with a good smoothie. I love smoothies they're a good meal replacement especially in the mornings for those who don't want to eat a big meal. 

4. Good Morning Playlist 

Music is the universal language. Anytime I meet someone new the first thing we talk about music it's the only thing anyone can really relate to not to mention the type of music you like says a lot about your personality sometimes. Think about it people make a playlist for just about anything from work-out, break-ups, love, or summer. So why can't we make a playlist full of songs that put you in a good mood. Then play it when you're getting ready or on your way to work. It can be whatever you want motivational songs, slow songs, jazz songs, or classics. Mix it all up and make it your  Good Morning Playlist. I recommend using Spotify if you don't feel like downloading songs for a playlist. It's free. I use it to make my summer playlist. 

5. Review Your Task For The Day 

I usually write a to do list the night before so I know what I have planned for the following day. Then that morning I like to review everything I have to do in case I need to add something or something else has higher priority than the others. I know a lot of you can do this mentally but I just prefer to write everything down to ensure I remember everything plus I feel accomplished when I get to put a line through things I've done. Just by knowing all the task you need to do helps prepare you for what comes next and being prepared usually makes you a little more at ease to start the day. 

6. Organizing Your Workspace 

"Outer organization leads to inner calm" that quote is true for me at least. If my outer space is all squared away it helps me feel less chaotic. However I do know some people who like the mess and it helps them work better. It's all depending on the person. I just thought I share this because for some it does lead to happiness. So if you're that person it doesn't hurt to organize your work space a little before you start your work flow. 

What's Your Morning Routine Like?