Happiness With A Side Of Tea : It's the Summer Tag Questions

It's the Summer Tag Questions

It’s the second week of summer!! I hope everyone’s having amazing start the summer. In December I did a Winter Tag so I thought why not do a Summer Tag as well.

1.) What is the best part of summer?

Summer is my second favorite season. I enjoy the weather mostly because you have the freedom to wear whatever you want. That’s what I usually look forward too as well as no school and much needed family time.

2.) Do you tan or burn?

I do a little bit of both.  If I am in the sun for a few minutes or hours I’ll end up tanning however if I am in the sun more than that I’ll end up burning.

3.) Favorite Summer Nail Polish

My nails aren’t currently painted. I haven’t found the time to get it done. However I’ve been eying Essie’s new summer collection.

4.) Favorite Summer drink/beverage

Ice Tea anything!! I recently bought a tea from Tazo called Passion. It’s made from hibiscus and it’s the perfect tropical drink. I love it.

5.) Favorite Clothing Item

As I said summer if my favorite time because of all the options of clothing I can wear. I love anything maxi, shorts, and dresses.

6.) Favorite current phone app during the summer

Spotify!! Spotify is similar to Pandora except you have the option to make your own playlist on there and that’s what I love about it. So I’ve made my 2015 Summer Playlist and I am ready for those songs to have some memories to go with it.

7.) Favorite Summer Movie

My current favorite summer movie is Best Of Me. Though it didn’t come out in this summer I just watched it a few weeks ago and it’s the best Nicholas Sparks movie yet.

8.) Favorite summer beauty product

I am in love with my Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara. It brings out the natural beauty in my eyelashes and makes a statement. I love it.  I raved about it last week in this post.

9.) Favorite Summer Activity

I enjoy anything involved with spending time with my family. It could be just sitting around listening to music in the house or travelling. I love their company and it’s always a fun time with them.

10.) Favorite type of lip product for summer time.

Baby Lips anything, EOS, and Lush Lip Scrubs.

I tag you guys you to answer these questions! Leave your links in the comment or tag me on any social media. 

What are your plans for this summer?