Happiness With A Side Of Tea : Feel The Beach Vibes: 2015 Island Playlist

Feel The Beach Vibes: 2015 Island Playlist

Summer is officially here!! I can't believe how fast time flies. I'm hoping this summer is filled with adventure, growth experiences, and maybe a little summer romance (a girl can dream). Last summer I shared my Hello Summer Playlist filled with upbeat or relaxing songs to get you in the mood for summer. This summer's playlist is a little different. I've been really missing Guam so much that I decided to make an Island Summer Playlist instead. This playlist makes me miss the smell of the ocean, warm hot days and cool nights, and beautiful scenery.

Ehu Girl/Kolohe Kai 

There was a time where I disliked anything reggae however with a few more years on Guam and my amazing friends who introduced me to different types of song. I officially love it, every now and then it's all I'll be in the mood to listen to nothing but island music. I really think you should give some of these songs on the playlist a try. You never know you might enjoy it. Also the link I left for Cheerleader by OMI isn't the techno remix everyone seems to be playing nowadays. It happens to be the original version of the song. I was actually sad they made a techno version for it because I really love the original.  I hope you guys enjoy this summers Island Playlist. If headed to the beach this summer this is the perfect thing to be playing. 

Do You Enjoy Reggae/Island Music? What Is Your Current Favorite Summer Song? 

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