Happiness With A Side Of Tea : Bohemian Meets Contemporary an Eshakti Review

Bohemian Meets Contemporary an Eshakti Review

Disclaimer: I do get some sort of compensation for this review however all opinions are solely my own. 

Eshakti asked me to do a review on their new line of Bohemian and Contemporary clothing for this summer. I gladly accepted. I was really excited when Jane emailed me offering the opportunity to participate even happier when she told me that the line was bohemian and contemporary. 

My whole goal this summer to dress more bohemian ever since I saw Vanessa Hudgens Coachella outfits. I the bohemian look because it has a lot of loose and flowing pieces which makes it 100% more comfortable. Not to mention they incorporate a lot of patterns and colors which is always fun to play around with when making outfit decisions. So I decided to do exactly that. I took a few of my favorite bohemian clothes from Eshkati and styled them creating the perfect summer outfits that will definitely make a statement.

Black & White Summer Outfit

I chose this dress because it's like a blank canvas you can do so many different things with it plus it's cute. As I stated above this is a flowing dress so it's comfortable to wear. It doesn't have to fit your body an particular way, it's simple, and it's beautiful. I chose to go the bohemian meets a little bit of edge by using black accessories. However I could see this being paired with yellow or orange accessories and instead of a hat you could choose a flower crown. Just so many possibilities when it comes to this dress and it's a wise purchase because of that.

Jumpsuit Summer Outfit

I decided to add a little more color to my selection of clothing. Though jumpsuits don't actually look all that great on me I still love it. I loved the color and the pattern on this particular one. As the one above I am loving this whole hat idea of summer. I believe you can pair this outfit with brown or white accessories however I chose brown and hints of gold because it seemed fitting. Perfect for a lunch date.


I am in love with this pants. I've been searching high and low to find a pair of these that I actually like. Of course I love the pattern and colors they chose. I am not much for crazy patterns and colors all in one outfit. That's why I loved these. They choose a pattern that isn't too out there as well as choosing colors that compliment each other. For a top to go with these you can with any color or pattern  you'd like. As I said I don't like to go too crazy so I chose plain white one. I wanted to add another hat to this however I think a flower crown would do just nicely as well.

I will admit I don't wear much contemporary clothing. When I saw the first few contemporary pieces on Eshkati I fell in love with a few of them. A few pieces reminded me of Jess's style, a character in New Girl. I actually loved her outfits and thought they were cute. So I decided to give it a whirl and this is what I came up with.

Summer Colors

This top has to be one of my favorites, the pattern and color reminds me of the ocean and the coral in the ocean. It's perfect for summer. This was one of the hardest outfit to accessorize I didn't know which color I should use so I decided to do the two color that stood out the least which were blue and pink. It's paired with brown sandals because any more color to me would be too much. The shorts also come from Eshkati I enjoyed the style of them and thought they'd be a better pair. Making this the best summer outfit.

A Touch Of Pink

I enjoy an accessory challenge that's why I tend to choose the plainer items sometimes because there is so much beauty in the simple things that you overlook. So when I saw this I knew exactly how I would wear it. I've always loved the way light pink seems to compliment navy blue. That's why all the accessories are pink but I always see white, red or a lighter shade of blue going good with this dress. Another thing I like doing to simple dress like this is adding a belt in the middle. It just doesn't add a little touch of something different to make it stand out more but according to What Not To Wear it also makes you look thinner somehow.

So Sweet

I loved these pants, it was the simplest yet cutest design. I love the colors that were incorporated plus I am a big fan of floral. The top also comes from Eshkati it's actually apart of the bohemian line. So this is an actually bohemian meets contemporary design. I think they're a great pair though. Similar to the bohemian pants with these pants you can pick any top you want however I stayed with white. Also similar to the first contemporary design I chose the color for the accessories by what colors were in the bottom. I am a fan pastel so I took the light blue and light pink.

Hopefully this inspired you to make some amazing summer outfits of your own. I mentioned in another sponsored post why I loved Eshkati Link HERE I'd like to revisit that because it's one of the main reasons why I enjoy their store.

It feels great to have the ability to customize their clothes because there has been so many times I wished other stores offered this. At Eshkati you can customize the clothes you buy to fit you precisely ensuring you'd be comfortable in it, as well as customizing to fit your style and personality. That's how it should always feel when you're shopping. You should be able to wear clothes you feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful in because you're definitely all of those things. Eshkati promotes that and understands that and it's something I admire.

Bright Ideas

So hopefully this post has helped you come up with some amazing summer outfit ideas. If you saw anything you liked from Eshkati or if you been eyeing something else from them. Don't forget to use the $35 off coupon code below. The coupon expires on the 21st of this month so you better to take advantage of it plus they've been having a few sales on certain items. So enjoy it while it last.

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If you're thinking of trying some of these summer outfit ideas or have a few of your own tag me @WithLoveJazmine in your instagram post. I'd be happy to see what you've come up with. 

What did you think of these Summer Outfits? What have you been eyeing at Eshkati?