Happiness With A Side Of Tea : Weekly Reads #3: Quality Time, Single Life, & Podcast

Weekly Reads #3: Quality Time, Single Life, & Podcast

Finals are over, summer is almost here, I am recharged and rejuvenated. This weekly reads will be packed with last weeks reads and little bit of this weeks. So grab a cup of tea and enjoy these must reads for this week.


How To Start A Blog by Meredith from Arts and Classy When I first started my blog I never knew that it was going to this big part of my life. It slowly became my passion and it's something I'd love to improve in. However when you talk about analytics, codes, building a brand, community, and so forth it starts to get intimidating and overwhelming. I loved this post because she explained it in a way that didn't make me feel overwhelmed. She kept it simple giving you just the basic information not the entire three course meal at once. She also gives different resources that could help you on your venture. I believe it's beneficial for those thinking about starting a blog, new bloggers, or already seasoned bloggers.

9 Podcasts For Bloggers by Nadine from Blog Brighter. I've recently discovered podcast. I know I am like 100 years behind because they've been out for a while but I never understood what was so great about them. However Tyler Oakley had started a podcast called Psychobabble and I've falling in love.   So I was super excited when I came across this post. I've downloaded some of the podcast she listed and I like them so far. I thought I'd share it in case you guys would be interested in checking some of them out. I think it's worth listing to because you might end up loving it and learning a few things as well.


Why you Need To Make Time for Your Girlfriends by Vicky from Random Little Faves. This post was sort of a wake up call for me. Sadly my best girlfriends live miles away however I think the same thing applies in this case. My excuse is I've just been so busy with school, blogging, and everything else life may throw at me that I just don't have the time for things like that. I realized how lame of an excuse that is when I read this post. This post just made me realize what value my friends are to me and how much I should stop what I am doing every once in a while to have an actually conversation with them. Overall I think this just makes you realize how important friendships are and that it's important to maintain them.

This is How We Do It: Me Time by Ashley from Grace Mountain Dairies. I know the importance of me time. I feel like I'd die if I don't get a few minutes or hours of me time at least once a week. I do believe having me time can really change your mood drastically. I enjoyed reading this post and seeing how Ashley made time for herself. Usually I just take a bath and call that me time which is nice but it was great to hear how someone else does their me time because it inspired me to try it a different way as well. After reading this post it encourages to take a more me time and explains how enriching it can be for you.

Inspiring Podcasts to Help You Live Your Best Life by Sybil from She Lives Free As I said in the previous section. I am in love with podcast. I've always been on the search for some new ones. This list gives a variety of amazing podcast from family, blogging, inspiring, and entrepreneurship.  It's worth listening to.


What's Love Got To Do With It? New Series by Nikki from Dollar Store Diva. Nikki is giving a little advice about relationship through that she shares her own experience which I think is always inspiring. I just resonate more with hearing peoples personal stories. Not only was I inspired by it but I related to it so much because a few months ago I was in that exact same situation. I wish someone would've explained that to me before getting into a relationship. Nikki explained the lessons she learned from it which is lessons we could all learn from. I was inspired reading it.

10 Reasons Why Being Single is Awesome by Kendel from Little Misadventures. I thought this was a fun accurate post about being single. This convinces you that being single has it's perks. I think it's just a great perspective on viewing the single life. I enjoyed it.

I hope you enjoy reading this weeks weekly reads. Don't forget to stop by and show these lovely bloggers some love. Here's the previous weeks weekly reads in case you missed Weekly Reads #1 & Weekly Reads #2.

What blog post did you enjoy reading this week?