Happiness With A Side Of Tea : Weekly Reads #2: Overflow Of Inspiration & Better Blogging

Weekly Reads #2: Overflow Of Inspiration & Better Blogging

Happy Monday Lovelies!! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. I didn't read as many blog post  last week (insert monkey covering his eyes emoji) as I did the previous week however I still have an awesome set of Weekly Reads for you. Last weeks Weekly Reads was filled with great information about being balanced, better morning routines, and how to have your very own stay at home vacations. Here's the link in cased you missed it Weekly Reads #1: Morning Routines, Staycations, & Balancing Life. Now grab your morning cup of coffee and let's start this Monday with some good reads.

Here's What I've Been Reading On...


8 Pitstops on the Road to Better Blogging by Daniela from Daniela Uslan. I thought this was one of the best blog post I've read about blogging. She gives such amazing step by step advice at how to improve your blog and blogging. Overall I just thought this was such a helpful post. 


A Judgement-Free Zone by Farrah from Fairy Burger. I believe with all the chaos and craziness in our world this is one post that I loved reading. She addresses the importance of not judging people in the medical field and in general. I admire her honesty and her perspective on this. 

Only Brave For Jesus by Courtney Stanford from Let Every Heart. I enjoyed this post because it's very relatable. She was honest about her lack of bravery at times, she explains how she overcomes it, and how it makes her feel as well as how it changes her life. There's something we've all been scared to do. This post really empowers you to break down some barriers. 

Be Proud Of Your Scars by Chelsie from Life With Rosie. She shares a personal story about her journey through cancer treatment. This was such a heartfelt and inspirational story on self love and self acceptance. Today with all the news and media about woman's bodies and this is how you should look and this is how you should behave. This post shows you that everyone is beautiful, you should embrace who you are, and love yourself wholeheartedly. Hearing her story is just inspires me to start treating myself the way I'd treat others. 

Three Steps To Living Life With Intention  by Laura from Simple and Serene Living I never understood what people meant when they said live life with intention. I understood what intention meant but how do you go about living your life with intention. She explains how to live your life with intention in three steps. These are steps that I really need to try to work on. They're hard at first but in the end I believe they'll make you happier. 

Emptying Yourself Out by Starla from Pressing In and Pressing On. I love this concept she shares about letting go everything in our lives. I tend to just let things fill up until I'm overflowing with bad emotions which isn't a great habit. So reading her post made me realize the importance of emptying myself out each day. 

The 6 Surprising Satisfaction Of Silence by Brittany from The Nested Nomad. I was never a fan of silence. I am one of those people if it's too silent I get scared and paranoid. However reading this post brought to my attention the benefits that come from a little quiet time some I never knew was even there. So I'd say a few hours of quiet time will be in my daily schedule. 


Strengthening Cuticle Oil Recipe by Cari from Everything Pretty. I am always a fan of Cari's beauty D.I.Y. but this one has to be one of my favorites. Over the winter I bought a Burt's Bee's Cuticle Oil which I spent $6.00 for. I love Burt's Bee's and it does work but making it yourself is so much cheaper then spending $6.00 constantly. It's just as effective and most all the ingredients you already have in your home. 


The Dangers Of Dating by Devon from Cold Knowledge. I read this post and swore he based it off my dating life. I liked this post because it's relatable and a more realistic view what happens to dating for singles. It's a complicated process though it shouldn't be. I think he spoked the truth and I respect his perspective. 


Simple Ways to Afford More Travel (without destroying your budget) by Natalie from Cosmos Mariners. She list ways that you can save money here and there that may not seem so big but in the end that money really piles up. I liked it because it was a realistic list that cause for minor lifestyle changes. I believe in the end it really pays off if you get to go on that trip you've been wanting to take. 

Well that wraps up this weeks Weekly Reads as you saw there is a lot more lifestyle/inspirational reads. I suppose last week what I really needed to read and what really resinated with me is motivational post to inspire me and uplift me. Don't forget to go and share some love with these inspiring bloggers. I hope you enjoyed this weeks Weekly Reads. 

What Are Your Favorite Reads? 
I'd love to know.


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  2. All of these are such great reads! I am currently going through all of the inspo posts! Thanks for the roundup!