Happiness With A Side Of Tea : What On Earth Do I Wear To A Blogging Conference?

What On Earth Do I Wear To A Blogging Conference?

Hello Lovelies! Hopefully everyone had a wonderful weekend. I went to my very first blogging conference Saturday called Lady Blogger in St. Louis, MO hosted by The Woman In Biz. It was quite an experience. However finding something to wear to the conference was such a struggle. So I deiced to put together some tips might help you prepare for your next conference.

Here was my outfit Saturday:

This is one of my favorite outfits because I completely put it together myself. I have where all this comes from listed below in Tip #3. This particular dress was just too plain and simple for me so I decided to buy the rose gold belt to go with it. The belt really adds a great accent to the dress. This dress is sleeveless so I like to add my jean jacket because it makes me more comfortable plus sometimes I get cold. I choose the necklace since it matches the belt in a sense. My shoes are gold and glittery and it's because I am in love with glitter and it happens to match the belt a bit. Now I am going to share with you tips on how to choose your outfits for your next blogging conference.

1.) Confidence & Comfortability: 

The two C's! This sounds like an odd pairing however I really do think when choosing what to wear these two go hand in hand. Wear something that you feel comfortable in but also something that makes you feel your best. I am aware that confidence should be an inner feeling and shouldn't have anything to do with clothing. However for me it does and I know for some other people it does as well. In certain outfits I feel more confident like I can go out and conquer the world. Which isn't a bad thing because when you feel confident you eventually are confident it's like a placebo effect. Also if you pick an outfit you're more comfortable in it's easier to be more confident since you're not discomforted and worrying about so many other things. If your confident people will definitely notice.

2.) Reflect Who You Are:

Your clothing somehow reflects your personality or mood. I've noticed this when me and my sisters go shopping. It's amazing to witness because I've actually realized it all that much when I am picking out clothes. So along with tip #1 wear something that reflects who you are. Don't think you have to wear a particular color or style because everyone else is wearing it. Let your outfit tell people a little bit about your personality. If you're a bubbly, fun, and outgoing person then wear something with color. If you're more business and serious then wear a pencil skirt and a blazer. If you prefer some patterns and prints then go for it. If you're comfortable, confident, and it reflects some part of you then wear it and own it.

Dress: $15.00 Forever 21 
Rose Gold Belt: $5.90 Forever 21 
Necklace: $8.67 Born Pretty Store
Shoes: $5.00 Rainbows

Skirt:  $20.00 Old Navy
Top: Old Navy
Left Necklace: $ 7.75 Born Pretty Store 
Right Necklace: Born Pretty Store
Cardigan: $14.00 Walmart 
Shoes: Payless Shoe Store

3.) Have Some Options:

If you're anything like me then you probably try on 10 different outfits before finally deciding the first one you tried on was indeed the best. This is the reason why I need a few extra hours to get ready and why I'm constantly putting up clothes everyday. Even though this was just a one day trip I ended up packing 2 different outfits. Each outfit came from different categories dress, skirt, and jeggins. It's just nice to have the options in case you don't feel like wearing a dress,  something happens to the original outfit you planned to wear while getting ready, or the weather changes on you. I like the idea of always having a back-up plan.

4.) Accessorize:

No outfit is completely without accessorizing. This is like adding icing to the cake. It's my favorite part of putting together my outfits. Accessorizing can really put your whole outfit together and make it stand out. Another great thing about accessorizing is the colors don't always have to match. You can mix and match colors, designs and styles and really see what works for you. Accessorizing can be jewelry, scarfs, purses, and shoes. Just have fun with it and see what you conjure up.

What are some of your favorite ways to accessorize?