Happiness With A Side Of Tea : Weekly Reads #1: Morning Routines, Staycations, & Balancing Life

Weekly Reads #1: Morning Routines, Staycations, & Balancing Life

Happy Monday Everyone!! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and I hope you have a lovelier week ahead of you. I decided to start a weekly reads here on Happiness With A Side Of Tea. Every Monday I'll be sharing amazing articles or blog post that interested me the past week. It's going to be a variety of blog post from lifestyle, travel, recipes, beauty, fashion, blogging how to's, and more. So grab some tea or coffee if you need something stronger and let's dive in and see what were my favorite reads of last week.

Here's what I've been reading on..


Blogging Advice For The Days You Lack Inspiration from TheSitsGirls written by Jaime from Love, Jaime. I always seem to have days where I just really don't know what to write about let alone how to start it and I thought this was r good simple advice that anyone could do that really does help you if you're in a rut.  

Keeping Blogger Burnout Away by Corbin from The Classy South  Blogger burnout is such an occurring thing for me. I believe it's a combination of lack of inspiration and just no motivation. All she needed to do was give 3 words of advice that really makes a difference if you put them into practice. 

How To Achieve Blog/Life Balance by Erica from Coming Up Roses. 6 different bloggers all sharing their tips on how to save they save time while blogging and how do they make time for themselves. It's great hearing those tips and advice from different bloggers with different perspectives. 


How To Start A Day Off To Success by Vicky from Random Little Faves. She shares 7 ways to start your morning off right. They're really simple ways that seem like they won't make a difference but trust me they definitely do. I believe the whole goal is if you start your morning off right the rest of the day will follow suit. 

7 Ways To Bound Back From Life's Inevitable Setbacks by Marc from Marc And Angel Hack Life.  This is probably my favorite blog for inspiration and words of wisdom. This particular post really resinated with me this week. Life hasn't been exactly going my way and this just helped me realize that life is meant to be like that. Their tips really did help me bounce back from my slump. 


You Cannot Give What You Don't Have by Rebecca from Rebecca Chapman This isn't strictly for dating. I think this article could be meant for building relationships with people in general. This just really spoke to me in a dating aspect. It has a powerful message. She talks about exactly what the title is you cannot give what you don't have. Which reminded me of the saying "You cannot love another if you cannot love yourself" I believe this something that I really need to work on. 


DIY Weekend Staycation by Kelly from A Lovely Life Indeed.  This really isn't considered "travel" but I think it should be. It's like traveling and being a tourist in your own town. I love this idea that she came up with to spend the whole weekend relaxing, going out, and staying in right where you live. I think it's something we should all try. 

What Were Your Favorite Reads?