Happiness With A Side Of Tea : Book Review: The Happiness Project

Book Review: The Happiness Project

It’s been forever since my last blog post. I feel horrible for abandoning my blog like this. However school always comes first, it has been quit a course load for me the last few weeks. It feels like after spring break the homework came piling in not to mention the semester is ending next month. I really don’t know where all the time has gone. Somehow I managed to get in some leisure reading. So today I have another book review for you. I just got done finishing The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.

I know I am a little late as seeing the book came out in 2009. I’ve seen a lot of people saying how good this book is. However this was my very first official self-improvement book.  I’m not really a fan of them but when I saw this book on the self I thought why not. At that moment I thought it would be the perfect book for my goal of self-actualization and possibly an inspiration to my own journey of happiness. Since my break-up I’ve been attempting to find my own happiness and so I decided to buy The Happiness Project. I have to say it was exactly what I needed.

The book is all about Gretchen and her journey through finding happiness. She’s a wife and a mother of true. One day she realizes that she’s not as happy as she could be and comes up with her very own happiness project to get her there. She actually started her happiness project in January and it lasted the whole year. Each moth she had different goals she accomplished that she thought would make a difference in her happiness and life.

Throughout the whole book she always makes it clear that everybody’s happiness project is different. So your happiness project depends on you. It could last a year, a few months, or even longer. I think reading her story and journey was really inspiring. While reading I was thinking about my own happiness. ”Am I the happiest I can be?” “What could possibly make me happier than I am?” This book has really changed my perspective on certain aspects of my life. I’ve been thinking of starting my own happiness project soon.  

Are you the happiest you can be? What could make you happier?