Happiness With A Side Of Tea : Spring Cleaning Pays Off: Vinted Review

Spring Cleaning Pays Off: Vinted Review

Spring is here!! At least here in North Carolina it feels that way and I am not quite ready to go back home where the forecast might involve more snow and the weather isn’t quite as warm as here. The best thing about good weather is breaking those winter blues. The sun is out and it’s great time to get a kick-start on spring-cleaning.  

This month for the 12x30 Challenge it’s no spending. For me this month that hasn’t been the easiest challenge.

However instead of focusing on not spending I decided to give you a little insight on a way you can make money while cleaning out your closet that way you make a little extra money and save it. 

You can sell your clothes, shoes, or accessories online or through an app called Vinted.  I’ve seen their ads on Facebook but I was quite a skeptic. I just don’t just trust places like eBay or the Facebook groups in your area that gives you the option to sell things. One day I was cleaning out my closet I decided I’ve give Vinted a try and see how it works for me. Of course I separated my clothes from donations, discard, and sell piles.

Vinted is a free app to download and no membership fee to use their services. However Vinted does take 19% of the profits you make which pays for payment processing, protection, tracking your items once sent, and the support of their team in case anything goes wrong.  It seems like a drawback however I don’t mind because I know that no matter what happens there’s a little bit of insurance and it’s a credibly site. It makes it safe to shop, sell, and swap.

Another thing I love about it is how easy it is to use.  All you do is take pictures of the product you’re going to sell and Vinted gives you some tips on how to take good photos.  You add your price for it, retail price, list anything that may be wrong with it, and then you add it to the appropriate category.  After that it’s the waiting game some people will favorite your item and sometimes it’s a good idea to contact them and see if they’re interested in making a deal. 

I think that’s one thing to be open about while selling on Vinted sometimes you’re going to have to make deals and make a compromise.  I’ve done it a few times at the end of the day I am just happy I am getting something for the things I don’t use as much anymore. Another thing to remember is to make your prices reasonable.

The shipping is so easy. Once someone buys your product they email you a prepaid label the buyer pays for shipping. The shipping prices are estimated based on the box needed to mail the product, which you indicate when you’re listing it and Vinted helps you pick an box size based on what you’re shipping.  All you do is print out prepaid label and attach it to a USPS box, which you can pick up at your post office.

I’ve sold three different pairs of shoes on there and made $83.00. Another great feature of Vinted is you can easily transfer the money you make to your bank account. If you run into any problems along the way help is just an email away.

I believe Vinted is a fast and simple way to earn a little bit of money from the clothing items you don’t use around the house. Also it’s a cheap solution for shopping as well. I bought two clothing items on Vinted and I absolutely love them. The seller actually gave me a great deal on them which is a big plus. So whether it’s shopping or selling I think Vinted is a great app and worth looking into.