Happiness With A Side Of Tea : Singles Lets Take Over Valentines Day

Singles Lets Take Over Valentines Day

It's finally arrived only a few more days till the holiday of "love". You're either super exited about it, neutral, or you hate it. If your single the past few months have been torture. They've had Valentines Day things up since the beginning of the New Year. I like to call it "Single Awareness Day" because it's the only time they clearly make you aware of how lonely the single life can be sometimes.

However now that it's approaching I've completely changed my attitude about it. Who say's Valentines Day has to be reserved just for couples? Who say's I have to hate it and hide in my room all Saturday? Valentines Day is known as the holiday of love so that means family, friends, and most importantly yourself. So I thought I'd share some ideas on how us singles can spend this Valentines Day.

1. Hangout with your other single friends
Just because your single doesn't mean you have to spend Valentines Day alone. Spend time with your other single friends have a night in if you want to avoid the whole lovely dovey couple scene or if you're not bothered by it then go out. It doesn't matter what you do as long as you're enjoying yourself and having fun. There's so many fun things you can do. Go watch a movie, bowling, skating,  or relax at a bar and grill that's playing music. I was looking through the newspaper the other day it's amazing how many neat events they have since Valentines Day is approaching.

2. Glam Up
I know most of you guys want to sit all day in your pjs because it's comfy and you're not going out anyway so what's the point. Well get all dolled up for you, so what if you don't have a date and you're not going anywhere. I always feel better about myself when I am dressed up and out of my pjs. I know there's other clothes in your wardrobe that make you feel just as comfy as your pjs.

3. Pamper Yourself

My favorite thing to do and it's something I strive to do every weekend. I am sure your week has been stressful as is so why not spend Valentines Day pampering yourself. This can be anything you love doing that maybe you haven't gotten a chance to do lately. However for me I like lighting a whole bunch of candles while taking a bath. Afterwards I'll put on a nice face mask and read different blogs. It's relaxing for me. If I don't have time to do that I love using sugar scrubs because it's like a mini pamper moment and still makes me and my body feel amazing. So do something you enjoy doing that makes you relaxed.

4. Love Yourself 

This is something we're supposed to do year round. However I know on Valentines Day it can be a bit hard with old memories from the past that you don't want to relive or it just reminds you that you're lonely. I think the best thing to realize is you don't need someone to be happy. You surely don't need someone to define your self worth. You're beautiful and special. The love you have for yourself is more important than the love someone gives you or the love you give someone else. You should be embracing and loving who you are.

My whole idea of this post is to promote self-love. Also to remind you Valentines Day doesn't have to be a couples only day. I hope each and everyone of you have a lovely Valentines Day that you enjoy.  Don't forget to love yourself this Valentines Day single or not.

What Are Your Plans This Valentines Day?


  1. I love your list - and that part "Singles Awareness Day!" Too hilarious. FYI I've been married over 15 years. Now I just see Valentines day as "expensive." I'd skip it - love and appreciation can happen any/every day. But my kids would notice the lack of chocolate and there would be a revolt!

    1. I definitely agree I've never really celebrated Valentines Day aside from my dad giving me flowers or candy. I think if he stopped doing that I'd feel like your kids. ahaha.

  2. Definitely some great tips there! :D If I don't get called in to work this weekend, I'm going to be hanging out with friend and we have grand plans to make all sorts of awesome food! <3 Super excited!

    1. Wohoo a break, food, and good company. Sounds like you're going to have an amazing Valentines Day. :)

  3. I'm not single but these are good ideas, I would do these now! For Valentine's Day I'm heading to Miami.

    1. Louida you definitely should especially since you're a mom. I am sure breaks are nice.I hope you have a great trip. :)