Happiness With A Side Of Tea : I've Fallen In Love With A Complete Stranger

I've Fallen In Love With A Complete Stranger

I know by the title you're probably like "Whaaat?!?! How does that even happen?" Well I'm not "in love" but I'm definitely romanticizing about one. I think there's no better way to profess your admiration for someone than all over the inter webs. 

Last weekend I went to Louisville to spend the weekend with my family. It seems like all we ever do together is shop. We spent all of Sunday hopping from one thrift store to the next. I love going to this particular thrift store because there's a booth there that sells old postcards. I enjoy collecting postcards whether it's from my own travels or picking up a few that have already been sent to someone. I always try my best to pick the ones with the amazing letters. As I am headed to my favorite booth there he was, apparently collecting postcards was his thing too. Which caught me by surprise it's not every day you meet someone who happens to have the same fascination with postcards as you do. 

His name is Clifford but it seems like he goes by Cliff. Clifford might be a bit too formal for him. I believe at some point Cliff was a college student. I don't think he was doing too good in English because he got an incomplete on a grade report. Cliff must be a great guy because he seemed to have so many friends that cared enough to keep in touch with him. Cliff is definitely a dreamer. I know that he likes traveling or maybe he hasn't even travelled but I know if he hasn't he wants to. Here's the thing I've never really met Cliff. I don't know what he looks like. I don't know his age though I assume he might be in his late 50's. I don't know where he's from either, but I do know he did live in different places in Louisville. Cliff is who the postcards I found are addressed to. 

You might be thinking I am insane which I probably am. However I've been to this shop plenty of times I never came across so many postcards addressed to one person. The owner of the shop is a sweet lady and I'd love to know where she finds all these goodies because she's the only one I know at the moment that sells old postcards. The reason I love old post cards and reading the letter because I like imagining about the people sending them and the people receiving them. So I was excited when I came across this find. 13 letters all addressed to one person it meant that I could map out parts of his life based on what I was reading. I came up with what I said above and some others I assumed on my own.

For instance Cliff really did like receiving postcards I've read it twice in a few different postcards. He might have wanted to travel because someone sent him one from France saying he'd always wanted to go to France and how much he would've enjoyed it. Maybe that person was someone he cared about because they asked him to joining them on a trip and hoped he was enjoying the peace without them around. Other postcards were just of people explain how their trip was going. I think my favorite one from that section would have to be one of his friends explain how he's going to a gay street party in Dallas. It just sounded like the friend was trying new things and enjoy life. 

Two of the postcards are places I've actually been to myself like St. Louis and North Carolina. 
However these postcards are mostly stamped 1984 the most recent one being 1995. It makes me wonder how big of change were these places back then versus how they are now. I'd like to go the places in the postcards and compare the pictures then and now.  

I believe my favorite out of all the postcards sent to him is from someone who visited The Hermitage in Nashville, TN. It reads: "I went here today. Thanks for recommending it. Wish you were here. When I go someplace like this. I always wish I had you to enjoy it with. Makes me realize how much I really care about you." Dated 11-2-90 

It's my favorite because I think it's something I romanticize about the most besides his travel journey's. I'd like to think he felt the same way about them as this person does for him. I hope Cliff wherever he may be is happy in life. I sure do hope he passed English 102. Hopefully he got to vacation in France and it was everything he dreamed it would be like. I actually hope he did as much traveling as the people who sent him all these postcards. Hopefully whoever that person was that sent him that letter either ended up marrying him or stayed close friends. I don't know. I think that's what I love about reading old postcards the possibilities are completely endless. I can romanticize and come up with all these different scenarios. I know this post isn't usually what I post here however I wanted to share my thoughts and plus I was really excited to find these postcards. 

Have you ever romanticized about something?

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