Happiness With A Side Of Tea : 6 Reasons Why I Am Addicted To The Voice

6 Reasons Why I Am Addicted To The Voice

I realized I don't share much about my favorite things on here whether it's tv shows or products that I run into from month to month. So I decided to shake things up today and share a few reasons why I love watching The Voice. For those of you who may not know what The Voice is it's a singing competition show that's shown on NBC. I love it because it's not like American Idol or any of the other singing competition shows out there. It's very unique.

The first few weeks are blind auditions where the coaches can just listen to the persons voice in deciding whether they'd like them or not, after that the coaches have a face off and pair them with other teammates on their team to challenge against each other, last stage in the show is the live playoffs where the singers left sing their hearts out and the audience, which is us at home, decided who we think deserves to win. Here's 6 reasons why I am so addicted.

1. ) Blind Auditions: 

I like the whole idea that the coaches are basing their decision solely on the persons voice. It's like the perfect example to not judge a book by it's cover. It's amazing to see the judges reactions when they hit the button to turn their chair and the person standing their isn't really what they expected. I think it helps because I feel like if they were to see the contestants preforming it might change different aspects of their decision. I've seen it when some judges wish they turned their chair but they didn't. I just really love the whole concept of it. 

2.) Chemistry With The Judges: 

I love the chemistry within the judges. They joke around and poke fun at each other and it makes the show funny. There is never a dull moment when you see Adam Levine and Blake Shelton insulting each other. You know at the end of the day they're just joking, or we hope so. However it's makes the show a bit more interesting. Especially when the competition really starts. 

3. ) It's All Up To The Singer: 

If the contestant has more than one chair turned who's team she chooses to be on is entirely up to her. I like hearing each of the coaches pitches on why the contestant should pick their team. I also love the idea that the contestants singing future is ultimately in their hands. It's also great when you're watching the show to imagine if it'd be different if they picked a different coach.

4.) The Power Of The Steal: 

During the face off's when the coaches put two of their own people up against each other. The coach has to choose only one of them and the other gets sent home or another coach could steal them. I love this because it's giving them another opportunity to make their dream a reality. However the coaches only get 2 steals throughout the face-offs so of course they try to choose it wisely. Nonetheless I think it's a very good invention. Who doesn't love a second chance? 

5.) The Voice Save 

During the live show where the audience gets to choose which singers will move on. The ones that didn't make the proper votes the first time around get to do a another performance and leave their heart outs on the stage and try to win Americas vote via twitter or on The Voice App. This is why I love the show it's full of second chances. America only gets to save one person however once again it's giving someone a second chance at their dream. Who doesn't want to be apart of that.  

6.) The Voice App: 

They just made this last season and I am loving it. They updated this year so we can actually play along with the coaches during the blind auditions but it wasn't blind for us of course because we can see the singers. However you got a chance to press the button if you'd turn a chair for the singer the ones who actually did get a chair turned on the show get added to your favorites list.

There was also a part in the show where we got to be just like the judges and vote solely on the persons voice. Which I thought was really exciting. They didn't show the person singing on TV just the judges. It was a nice experience pretending to be the judges for a night. The Voice app is also an easier way to vote for your favorite singers. Not to mention they send reminders to your phone when The Voice is on so you never miss a beat.

Do you think you could be a coach on this show?