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It's Time For Change: My Word For 2015 & Goals

It's a new year and I hate to say goodbye to 2014. 2014 brought a lot of obstacles and life changing events some I am not ready to talk about, however I am ready to leave all that behind me and start anew. To start this new year I have chose a word to focus on and a set of goals I'd like to accomplish this year. I put together 10 Quotes To Start Off The New Year hopefully it'll motivate you while you're trying to accomplish your goals. 
My word for 2015: Overcome  
-I want the power to overcome my past.
-I want the strength to overcome my anxieties.
-I want the determination to overcome all the obstacle that will be in my way this year.
-I want the confidence to overcome my insecurities.
-I want the ability to overcome all the goals I've set for myself this year. 
This year in life I want:
- to accept the things I can't change and the change the things I can. 
- to be motivated to accomplish my goals and in life.
- the capability to believe in myself and everything I can do
- to take time out for myself when needed
- to remember just because I fall it doesn't make me weak
- to enjoy the journey 
- to be goal-driven 
This year for blogging I want: 
- to be more consistent
- to manage my social media better
- to make more time to read & share other bloggers content
-  to get more organized 
- to be more creative 
- build readership 
- to monazite my blog
What are your goals for this year?
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