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Inspired By

I'll be participating in the 12x30 challenge hosted by Angie from My So Called Chaos and some other  lovely bloggers. Each month there's a different challenge this month it's all about loving yourself. Angie shares some amazing ways you can love yourself and she also gives some great ways for you to participate whether it's through twitter, instagram, or linking-up. Link Here. If you have some ideas on how to love yourself or promote some self-love you should definitely link-up. 
12X30 Challenge January: The Love Yourself Challenge
Based on the prompts I decided to share what inspires me. 
I'm inspired by...

Words: Whether it's words that I read from the pages of my favorite book, words from my favorite quotes, or words spoken from some of the most influential people in my life. They inspire me to be more than I am and guide me into a direction I'd like to go. 

Acts Of Kindness: They always say actions speak louder than words and it's true. Someone holding the door open for me, letting someone cut in line because they only have one item, or simple smiling at someone and saying hi. Whether it's big or small if it comes from out of the kindness of your heart it makes a difference, you may not see it right away but I am sure it does. It's always these small acts of kindness that inspire me to do the same. I believe every act of kinds is contagious and it's always appreciated. 

Nature: I'm one of those girls that can stare out into the ocean for hours and be captivated by it's beauty. Being surrounded by nature nourishes my soul and gives me a sense of peace. It inspires me that there's more to life, there's more out there to see and experience.

My Passions: Things I am passionate about are a never ending flow of inspiration. Each and every day doing something I enjoy and love tend to inspire me. It inspires my goals, dreams, and my life. 

Friends & Family: I've saved the best for last. These are the most important people in my life and the ones I spend most of my time with they're all destined to inspire me. They inspire me in so many ways I am sure they're unsure of. It can be things that they directly say to me or just seeing them overcome obstacles in their own lives. They inspire me to be everything I am today and more as a matter of fact they're still inspiring me. 
What are you inspired by?
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