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Happiest Photos

Following the theme of this month on loving yourself I decided to do the Happiest Photos from My So Called Chaos. I think this was a very interesting post to put together. I am looking at all these photos that capture a certain moment in time and it never really captures all the feelings I felt during that moment. I think what makes all these photo's special is that I am happy whether it's a silly face or whether it's taken off guard. I am the happiest I could be, surrounded by the people I love and I think I am beautiful along with the people in my photos. So without further ado I share 10 top photo's where I am the happiest. 
When I lived on Guam I spent most of my free time with my cousins. It was always the three with us and some days I saw them more as my sisters than cousins. One of my cousins loves taking pictures this day we went hiking up this mountain and we took lots of pictures. This was one of my many favorites. We actually weren't asked to do this pose. We were just playing around in the leaves and she happened to jump up and hug me then we were told to hold still. This just doesn't remind me of that moment, it really reminds me of that whole day. We spent that whole day together laughing, taking pictures, and talking. I miss being around them more than ever. 
This was taken 4 years ago during summer break. These are my siblings and this was the first time we all together in over 2 years. We've just always lived too far so we've never really all been in the same place at once. This summer had a lot of sad and happy memories. I think being together for each other is what made those hard times better. Regardless of how different each of us are or our fights we may have, cause siblings fight regardless of age we're still there for each other. I believe this picture always reminds me of that. 

This is one of the last real moments we spent together before I left, we took a ton of photos. I choose this one because I think it just captures how our friendship is perfectly and our day. That day we decided to record videos one of us doing the accent challenge and another of us doing karaoke. So it was a bunch of laughing and fooling around. Since being told I was moving and everything that was going on in my life during that time she definitely made my day better. 

This was after graduation and it really was a happy moment. I accomplished a big milestone in my life not to mention I was just happy to leave high school. I think this catches my personality pretty good too. I am probably doing something silly in most photo's you see at random. 

I met a guy online in 8th grade and we actually dated then after we broke up we stayed good friends. We've been friends for over 8 years and we met each other for the first time last year in October. It was the most surreal thing in the whole world. You've talked to this person for years, you've been telling them your ups and downs and we shared so much together yet we've never meet till then. It was really fun and I think the whole time we freaking out. I couldn't stop smiling because a lot was going on around that time and this was the best pick me up. 

Though it's blurry. I really do think my sophomore year was when I was at my happiest in high school. I spent my lunch with all the lovely people shown in these photos. I can remember walking around school causing trouble with all of them. Lets just say lunch was never boring, we were always up to something.Two of them are actually my closets friends to this day. We've had up and downs like every friendship should but we're still there for each other. I just really love this picture it's the last picture we've ever took all together. 

First time I've spent time with them in over months. I know that sounds like such a little time but to me it was like a lifetime. This was a really good day lots of laughter in the car, lots of remember what happened back when. Mostly in shock of how much we've grown and how much we've changed. It was a great day. 

The only picture I've taken at the beach in the water. I got to see my best friend after not seeing her for over 3 years. So we had a beach day. I basically poured my soul out to her this day about everything going on in my life good or bad. It just felt really good being able to talk to her. I think I'd go back to this day. Other than that I love being at the beach, any beach day is a good day to me. 

This picture was taken right before we left NC to come back home. It's 4 am and none of us slept. We were going to have someone hold the camera and switch off. However I took it upon myself to use the timer on my iPhone. It was a funny sight trying to take this picture. I had to run back and forth before my 10 sec ran out. It's hard to dodge the table and get situated. I think I ran into it a few times. It was just hard to get photos with all of us laughing. 

There was something about this picture that I just love. Maybe it's because I don't care that I just got out the shower so my hairs mess, I'm in my PJ's, and I am sure I am only surviving on 4  hours of sleep. I think I am beautiful because I'm happy and I'm with the people I love. What more could a girl really ask for? I am wearing the most beautiful thing a girl could ever wear, A smile. 

What are some of your happiest moments?

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