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Girl Online Book Review

If you read my Beauty Guru's & Websites that inspire me you'd know I'm a big fan of Zoe Sugg, when I heard she was making her very first novel I just had to read it. Girl Online was not what I expected it to be at all. I assumed that it would be about Zoe and her online journey, more of like a bibliography. However after reading the book I was quite amazed. I've never read a book that captured the struggle of being a teenage girl. 
I am going to give a little summary of what the book is all about, don't worry I am not giving anything away. Girl Online is about a teenage girl named Penny who has a secret blog and suffers from constant panic attacks. Penny's life gets completely turned upside down. She's given the adventure of a lifetime when her mom and dad have some business to take care of in New York and she's asked to join them. While Penny overcomes several of her fears while in New York, she's also falling in love with a boy she just met. However this boy has a few secrets of his own. This secret may affect Penny in several ways. 

I love how this books captures the awkwardness of being a teenager. In most books they always seem to make the girls completely flawless and it's always been that feeling I wish I was one of those girls. In Girl Online you can tell Penny is very social awkward and quirky which makes it more relatable. Instead of wishing you were that girl you realize you are that girl, it makes you feel normal. Girl Online goes over every major event you encounter when growing up your first relationship, friendships, maturing, and the digital age. This book was more than just a story, when these events unfold throughout the story you see the way Penny handles them and it actually inspires you to conquer the same events in your own life with the same attitude. I think another element I loved about it was that Penny was a blogger so it's very relatable. During the book you actually get to read some of her blog post that's where she becomes a big inspiration. Of course like every teenage book there has to be a little romance. I believe the relationship between Noah and Penny was my favorite thus far. Since Penny is social awkward she tends to embarrass herself throughout the book, it shows you that someone can  like you for who you are quirks and all. I love watching the way their relationship grow through the book. 

Overall I think this was amazing book for Zoe first novel. I think I can see a lot of her personality throughout the book. The best thing I loved about this book is how Penny could any one of us, and we were her in some point of our life. I also enjoyed how inspiring the book was even if it was just fiction. I think I recommend this book for girls everywhere to read. I was thinking of buying a copy for my niece because she loves reading it'd be a great book for her. I think mothers and parents are always looking for a way to explain life to teenagers and think this is a wonderful book to somewhat do that. It has a lot of problems we've all faced as a teenager and Penny handles it very maturely and she's brave. I think regardless whether it's fiction or not it's inspiring. 
What is your most awkward moment?

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