Happiness With A Side Of Tea : 2015 Mood Board

2015 Mood Board

This year I was really contemplating whether to make a mood board or not. I've always seen people doing it and it looked really but I could never find the time to make one myself. However since I had a month of freedom and I am on this soul searching journey to find myself I decided to make one. I also had a little push from Kelly over at A Lovely Life Indeed. She even gives you a few tips on how to start your own mood board. Here's a link to Kelly's post in case you need some help getting started. Link Here I have to say it was a fun arts and craft project. I got on my Pinterest and Tumblr and searched for things that really inspired me. I think you'll see in a minute that quotes really overtook everything. I tried to take pictures of this but my lack of knowledge on how to work my camera caused me to fail so I decided to record it instead. It's not too long and I added music so it's not just silence. 

I also added a few pictures that inspire me in many different ways. I believe with everything that went on over the last few months I really need quotes to help motivate me and inspire me. I believe my two favorite quotes from the mood board are: 

I do this all the time on many occasions I tend to apologize for my emotions. It's just a habit I've developed because I feel like a hassle or I may be annoying to those I love or people around me. It took this quote to make me realize I shouldn't apologize for anything because I am not doing anything wrong by expressing myself and my feelings. So I read this almost every morning just to remind myself throughout the day not to apologize for my emotions. 

 In the blogging community it's hard for me not compare myself to another blogger. I always think well she's more organized than I am or she has all this going on and manages to do everything why can't I be like that. It's always hard to remember this very quote. "Her success isn't your failure." It's hard to remember that everyone is different and everyone has a different way of doing things all you really need to figure out what works for you. I am still trying to learn all there is to know about blogging. Since I've been doing more blogging based goals this year I thought this would be a great reminder for me. 
What would be on your Mood Board or Inspiration Board?
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