Happiness With A Side Of Tea : You're Invited To A Younique Party

You're Invited To A Younique Party

Hello Lovelies, It's me again! Isn't this such a surprise you rarely ever get to see two post a week since school has started, today there's two in a day. I just wanted to do a mini post to invite you loves to a Facebook party I am hosting with Hollie a presenter from Younique. The party ends on December 7th there is still plenty of time for you to join. 
I actually met Hollie at a holiday festival where I saw her booth about Younique and all their make-up products. Younique products are all natural which is a plus, especially for me since I have extremely sensitive skin. Their products are used to enhance the natural beauty you already have, the best part of this Facebook party is Hollie can give you tips and advice on how to do that. Younique's best selling product which I am pretty sure you've heard of before is 3D Fiber Lashes. Before I met Hollie I was quite a skeptic about these 3D Fiber lashes at first I thought they were fake eyelashes but seeing them in person and learning more about it opened my mind a bit more. They're actually mascara it really does make a big difference not only did I get to see them in person, I actually watched a review for them as well where the girl applies it on camera. It's amazing what a big difference it makes. My sister actually order it for my Christmas present, I love her so much for that. I can't wait to get them. What was even more surprising is that she actually bought something for herself to there and my sister doesn't even wear make-up on a daily basis or at all. I think checking Younique out wouldn't hurt a bit, you never know what you'd fine. Not to mention I think make-up makes a good gift. 
The Facebook party we're hosting is a chance for you to ask Hollie questions about the products, or how to use any of the products if you have some already. It's also a great chance to learn more about their products and the company. There's going to be demo's and tons of reviews. It's just a great environment for us to just talk about all things make-up. Once again the party ends this Sunday here's the link: http://on.fb.me/1FLmneJ. I hope I see you guys there.


  1. This sounds like it will be a lot of fun!

    1. Jacquie, It was and there's still time to check out everything.

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