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This Christmas Send Your Love

Christmas is slowly creeping up on our radars everyone is rushing around trying to get parties organized as finishing up last minute gift shopping. Sadly most of us don't get to spend christmas with all our loved ones for various reasons and we want them to know they're still close to our hearts regardless of distance. So why not send your love this Christmas with a Christmas Care Package. 
A while back in April I did a post showing you how I put together my 2 Year Anniversary Care Package along with some little tips I've learned along the way. I've got to say that my design skills have gotten a little bit better since then, and I am doing a lot more themed care packages. I actually love spending the time putting together these care packages for people in my life. It just makes me happy knowing that they'll see it and possibly make their day. So I wanted to share with you guys the two care packages I sent off one to my boyfriend and one to my friend. 

In this I Miss U Snow Much Box: 
-Hot Coco Packets:
These were a $1 each from Walmart. I loved the fact that they're all different flavors and they're so cute.
-A Cute Heart Print Onesie:
I think everyone this season wanted a onesie. You can find them at tons of places Sam's, Walmart, Rue 21. The even have them for kids over at Justice. 
-Two Bracelets: 
You can never go wrong giving a girl jewelry for christmas. I think I see at lease one pair of jewelry in everyones Christmas Wishlist. 
-Naked Basic 2 Palette: 
She actually told me she wanted this and knew I was going to get it but I wrapped it up anyway just for the heck of it. 
Tip: If you know they want something based on their wishlist or something they've mentioned and it isn't too outrageously expensive or something that can't be shipped surprise them with it. 
In This If Kisses Were Snow I'd Send You A Blizzard Box:
-Stocker Stuffer Candy Selections:
I went a bit sweet crazy for this box. Once again I picked these up at Walmart because they have aisles full of amazing stocking stuffers. While I picked these up I was thinking of those cute sayings to go with them. It's probably the corniest thing I've done so far. I made the labels on Canva because I thought It'd be cuter adding a picture and things like that. 
Tip: There are so many different candies that you could pair with cute but corny sayings heres a list of a few. 

Corny Sayings For Candy:
- Gummy Worms: You Got Me Hooked
-Recess Pieces : I Fall To Pieces Without You
-Recess Pieces: You Have All The Pieces Of My Heart 
-Recess Pieces: You Stole A Piece Of My Heart
-Skittles: You Color My World
-Starburst: You Make My Heart Burst
-Starburst: You're The Star In My Life
-Almond Joy: You're Such A Joy To Be Around
-Almond Joy: You Bring Joy To My Life
There's so much more you can come up with I am sure but those are just some ideas.

I picked this up at Big Lots to put all the candy in. It's a cute little mail box and I thought i'd be perfect, that and thing will be crushes while shipping.

Tip: You can also do this with a stocking. Decorate the stocking, add their name and place the candy in as a stocking stuffer. It doesn't have to be candy you can put your gift for them in it too if it'll fit. 

-His Gifts: 
I actually had to do a lot of thinking and brainstorming for this because I know I didn't want to get him anymore clothes. So I thought of some of his hobbies and decided to get him yuigoh cards (because he's the biggest nerd I know), a hardcover sketch book, artist markers & pencils. 

Tip: Knowing what the person likes and does really helps you get an idea of what to put in care packages or how to theme them. 

-Baked Goods: 
I also baked peanut butter cookies and placed them in a can with wax paper. With shipping baked goods it's a really tricky thing. So I'd definitely do some research of what's best to send and what's not. 

Those are my two Christmas care packages I sent off this year. I also sent another for a gift exchange but I didn't want to take pictures. However she did tell me she loved it and it was good surprise to see the box interior decorated. So I think taking a little time to put together these care packages is really a time worth spent if it puts a smile on others faces. Hopefully this inspired you to send some care packages off to your loved ones and some ideas of what to put inside. 

What's The Corniest Saying You Can Come Up With For A Certain Candy?

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