Happiness With A Side Of Tea : It's A Winter Wonderland Tag

It's A Winter Wonderland Tag

Happy 3 more days till Christmas everyone!! This month has gone by faster than expected and I was running a bit late for most things. However I thought it'd be nice to sneak in a little Winter Tag before Christmas, since I did a Falling In Love With Fall Tag it was only far if I did a winter one. So here goes my winter wonderland tag. 

1. Favorite Thing About Winter
I actually love the snow. It sounds contradicting because I don't like the cold that goes with the snow, however I do like looking at my yard and see all the beautiful white snow blanket the grass. You can have so much fun in the snow. When I was little I used to go outside with my brother and make snowman's and have snowball fights. 
2. Top 3 Winter Essentials
Hand lotion, chap stick, & my onesie. It was hard picking three essentials but my hands always get dry as well as my lips so I always need these when I am out and about. Then when I am home it's freezing so I always end up wearing my onesie with lots and lots of blankets. 
3. Have you ever had a white Christmas where you live? 
Before I moved here to Illinois no, but I have experienced a white christmas before we've moved to Guam. However where I am from in Illinois there isn't many white christmases. I've been wishing so hard but it doesn't look like theres a chance of snow this year. 
4. Favorite Winter Candle
Anything that smells like evergreen trees or cinnamon. 
5. Favorite Warm Drink
It's a tie between coco with lots of marshmallows and pumpkin spice coffee with pumpkin spice creamer.
6. Favorite Christmas Song
Baby It's Cold Outside Cover by Glee. It's such a great cover and I have to listen to it at least once when I am playing Christmas music. 
7. Favorite Christmas Movie
The Christmas Card. It's a hallmark movie I believe. It's about a guy who is in the military and gets sent a christmas card and he goes and finds the woman who sent it. It's such a lovely movie. Always on my must watch list during Christmas. 
8.Most Worn Winter Clothing Piece
Sweaters, Leggins, & Tights. Sometimes it's too cold for anything else but these three things that and they're the easiest thing to put on when you're not going anywhere but the supermarket. 
9.Favorite Holiday Treat
COOKIES!! During christmas everyone brings out there favorite christmas cookie recipes and sigh* my mouth is watering thinking about it. 
10. Top On Your Wishlist. 
There's nothing I really wanted this Christmas. Like material wise. I think if I got plane tickets to go back home for a week or so it'd make me happy. However I know that's setting the bar a bit high. So I'd be thankful for whatever ends up under my tree on christmas. 
11. Most wanted winter item. 
Scarves have been on my most wanted list this christmas. I have a few however I want more. They're fashionable and they keep you warm. No one can ask for anything better. 
12. Will you be rocking an ugly christmas sweater this year. 
I really don't know yet. I guess you'll just have to wait and see ;) 
Hopefully that got you into the Christmas/Winter spirit. I hope everyone has an awesome Christmas and I'll be having a post up next week Monday because this Wednesday happens to be Christmas Eve.  So enjoy your week and I hope Santa got you something on your wishlist. 
What was on top of your wishlist this year?

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