Happiness With A Side Of Tea : Have A Merry Lushmas

Have A Merry Lushmas

It's christmas time over at Lush Cosmetics!! I stepped into my very first Lush store in October, I haven't been the same since. I got a little bit addict and when I say a "little" it's really an understatement, I am hooked! So during the Thanksgiving Break I found one near my sisters place and decided we had to go there. 
The difference from last time is my mother and sister came in with me and we ended up staying in there for hours. I just assumed they'd be waiting outside because they're not really interested in bath products or anything like that but when I turn around each of them had their own basket and a sales clerk by their side. I don't think we were even in the store for 3 minutes before they got hooked. I think going into a Lush store is something you really have to experience for yourself, it's smells amazing and they have the best customer service I've ever seen. I think that's what made us want to buy everything. They show you demos on how things work, you get to smell and try as many things as you want, they give you samples if you as for some, and they're more than willing to help you out. 

That being said in the spirit of christmas and because Lush products are just too amazing to pass up. I wanted to share some of their Christmas bath stuff I got. It might give you an idea of what to get that special someone in your life because nothing says I love like amazing bath products. 

1.) Drummers Drumming $9.95: This makes bubbles and you can reuse. It smells like strawberries. I haven't used this yet however I have started using #4 they're similar because you can just reuse them till they run out. In my opinion I think it can last you at least 3 baths or more. 
2.) Luxury Lush Pud $6.95: This is a bath bomb, it fizzes in your water. The coolest thing about this is it'll change different colors while you're bathing. It has a lavender scent. If you need something more calm and relaxing this is the way to go.
3.) Lord Of Misrule $6.95: This is a bath bomb as well that has a really interesting mixture of scents. It's patchouli, black pepper and vanilla despite what is sounds like, it really does smell good. 
4.) Magic Wand $9.95: It is indeed magic. This like the Drummers Drumming is a reusable bubbler. I think this will be my absolute favorite one. It smells just like their body gel Snow Fairy. In case you haven't smelled it, it smells exactly like bubble gum. I love it. 
5.) Golden Wonder $6.95: This is a bomb and it has a citrusy smell too it, it also has glitter in it which makes bath time super fun. (Note this isn't the only glitter bomb you'll see because their my favorites.)
6.) The Christmas Hedgehog $7.25: This is a bubble bar. It's mixed in with coco butter and lavender. Honestly I just couldn't leave the store without this cute fellow.The best thing about bubble bars is they're not like bombs you don't have to place the whole thing in there. You can crumble up some and save the rest for later. It means you save a bit more as well not using all the products at one time. 
7.) The Melting Snowman $5.95: This is a bath melt.This has a very spicy smell to it almost cinnamony however it's actually ginger and cloves. This little guy was equally cute so I had to get him. That and I really loved how spicy it smelled far from what I'd normally get so I thought why not try it out. 
8.) Star Light Star Bright $6.95: This is a bubble bar full of glitter. It's the most amazing thing ever. So if you're a glitter fanatic or know someone who is, get them this and they will be the happiest person alive. This smells like lime and ginger. Like in the previous one regardless of the combo they really smell good. 
9.) Dashing Santa $5.25: This little busy santa is a bath bomb. He has a lovely citrusy scent. I just thought the lush christmas wasn't complete unless you get one of their Santa's. 

Aside from this santa there is Father Christmas that is $6.50 he changes colors from green to red. I didn't include him here because I had one last year and wanted to go with something different. That was actually the first product I've ever tired from Lush. It opened the door to my current obsession. 

Now if you're thinking of splurging a little or buying one or more of these products it's actually cheaper buying them in a pre-packaged set. Granted you may not get everything you wanted, however the ones they don't have you can just pick-up. It really does make a difference when you head to the register. My sister actually bought for me as a christmas gift. I loved it so much, it was a surprise. I was actually the happiest ever because I ended up getting two of everything I already had. 

If you're not so talented in the gift wrapping department Lush has got you covered. I actually wanted to save the box after I use everything in it. It's so cute. So if you're not sure what to get someone this christmas and they have a tub treat them to a little Lush. 

What are some of your favorite bath products?
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