Happiness With A Side Of Tea : 6 Tips To Help You Plan Your Trips

6 Tips To Help You Plan Your Trips

Happy Holidays Lovelies! This is one of my most favorite seasons of the year however it is the most busiest seasons of the year as well. Most of you guys probably are going away for the holidays this month or you'll have family members and loved ones coming to visit you. I thought it'd be great if I put together 5 tips to help you plan your holiday trips.

1. Choosing Your Destination & Where Will You Stay:
For some you this isn't hard because obviously not you'll spending time with your loved ones. So where ever they happen to be is where you'll end up. However some people actually use the holidays to get away and escape to somewhere warmer or just a new environment to experience the place and make some new memories. Either way the best thing to do is choose where you're going based on your budget of course. Another thing is even if you're staying with your family sometimes it can be an overcrowding and no one really wants to bunk on the floor with a room full of people. So you'd have to keep in mind of space in your family's home and whether you'd like to stay else where. If you're travelling to another place it's always good to look for inexpensive but decent hotels and it's always good to book early. 
2.Choosing A Way Of  Transportation:
Nowadays they're many interesting ways you can get from place to another. I think all this is really based on your budget and convenience. Would you rather fly there? Drive? Take a train? The options are really endless. If you choose to fly or take a train there make sure you book earlier because I am sure with the holiday seasons it's going to be hard to find seats. Also when travelling by plane you always have to remember that delays are bound to happen, there's never been a winter where there wasn't one delay in an airport. So that might change your mind a bit about flying. Since being here I love the road trips though they seem long and endless. It's a scenic route and you get see things up close you can't really see on a plane, though road trips come with their downfalls too. 
A very interesting thing I discovered recently is RelayRides. It's a car rental program where you can either make money by renting your car out for people to us through their website or saving money by renting a car through them. They have car rentals in airports across the country. I just found it fascinating because I never realized there were programs like this available. It's safe, it's no different really from using enterprise or anything like that. As a car owner you're granted insurance and as a renter you have roadside assistance. It's a very good cheaper route to go if you're trying to save a little cash for this holiday season. 
3. Do Your Research:
It's always wonderful to do a little recon of where you'll be going especially if it's your first time going there. If you're driving double check your directions, make sure the roads clear, and bring a map or a GPS just in case.This really comes in handy I know this based on personal experience. Make sure you check the weather as well. Another great tip for knowing what to pack. If you're travelling to other countries or maybe even states, it's wise to be aware of what type of rules there are there so you don't get into any type of trouble.
 4. Make Sure You Have Everything You Need:
This might be the most important thing when getting everything with the holiday season, you're so busy worrying about what to get Aunt Suzy for Christmas you forget your passport at home and you're miles away from home. So make sure you have everything before you leave the house chargers, passports, ID's, phones, and all electronics. It's always good to make checklist like this one for all this stuff and mark it as you go along. 
5. Double Check: 
Making sure everything is squared away for your trip is really essential. This step is used to make sure you did all the previous steps above. It's also a great way to just ensure that nothing will unexpectedly wrong. If you have any last changes or last concerns this is the best time to do it.
6. Enjoy The Journey:
After all that planning and contemplating the last thing you need to do is let go and enjoy the trip you worked so hard on planning. This is something we all forget sometimes when we're with family. Put down the video games, the phones, the computers, and anything else that seems unimportant for a little while. Enjoy the time you get to spend with your family or if you're travelling alone take in the view and appreciate it. Make memories and enjoy the holidays like it should be spent. 
Hopefully my 6 Tips have help you some. I've previously done Travel Essentials in case you were needing some ideas on that. I hope everyone has a safe holiday while travelling. Don't forget tip 6 because I think it's highly important.
What Are Your Travelling Essentials and Tips?

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