Happiness With A Side Of Tea : You Can't Love Someone More Than You Miss Them

You Can't Love Someone More Than You Miss Them

"You can't love someone more than you miss them." I never understood that quote until I had to move here away from most of the people that I love. At first I thought that seemed impossible how could love not love someone more.. However experiencing it and going through the distance I can completely understand. Missing someone is a constant reminder. You see things that remind you of them, you're doing something and you wish they were there experiencing it with you, you wake up each morning wishing that seeing them was apart of your schedule, and you're texting them or talking to them on the phone wishing that they were right there in the room having that conversation. Missing someone is a constant wanting of them being there with you, it's something that never really disappears and it hits you at the most random times and it hits hard.There’s always that void that can’t be filled until you see them again. To be honest some days I am not sure how I make it through without completely breaking. I start to play memories of me and that person in my head like a montage, I start missing not only the physical things but the not so physical things like the way I felt when I was with them. I believe I say “I miss you” more than I say, “I love you.” Having to be away from someone you love is one the hardest thing to go through in life, not just in romantic relationships but with any type of relationships you have whether it’s friends or family. 

It’s not all bad, trust me, there are more good days than there are bad days yet when those bad days hit they hit hard. It’s like my heartaches, and I just slip into a place I don’t necessarily like to be. However we find a way to make it through and we find a way to make it work. I think the best part about it knowing you’re not alone it. They’ll find a way to distract you to keep the distance and void completely off your mind, possibly without you even realizing it. They’ll make you laugh, say something completely heartfelt to make the pain of missing them disappear, an they'll start talking about their day so you feel like you were right their with them. That’s what makes the ache and void of missing them worth it. The fact that one day you won’t have to miss them cause they’ll be right next you, you won’t have to walk around with one shoe on because you’ll be complete, and you won’t be dragging yourself out of bed because you’re sad from missing them but because you’re sad you have to leave them. It’s those future moments that we want to have together that make those bad days tolerable. It’s your love for them that keeps me going. At the end of the day I am just happy and lucky that I am able to have someone so important to me and someone I love so much that makes the distance worth it. I rather miss someone miserably every now and then to be without them completely. I think most reassuring thing for me is knowing that I am missed the exact same way. 

Do you think you can miss someone more than you can love them?

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