Happiness With A Side Of Tea : Winterizing My Nails With Juleps Pro Tips

Winterizing My Nails With Juleps Pro Tips

Winterizing Your Nails With Juleps Pro Tips
Winter is has definitely come early this year and I can tell you I am no where near prepared for this weather. I haven't had to experience winter in over 8 years so I am all new to this and quite frankly I'd prefer it if I could go back home for this winter season. However I don't see that happening so here I am stuck in this cold. I had to experience a glimpse of what last winter was like in January and March  let's just say my skin did not like that very well. I had the worse cold rash in history, but this winter I am actually taking precautions hence today's blog post. I will be tackling some winterization of my nails with some of Juleps Pro Tips. 
I went out last weekend and purchased some items I needed to accomplish this winterization. I believe I got just got what I didn't already have at home. Julep also has some of their own products listed in article which might work better than what I got. 

What You're Going To Need:
  1. Cuticle Cutter & Pusher
  2. Buffer (what best suits you)
  3. Nail File
  4. Nail Clippers (depending on your nails)
  5. Cuticle Oil (DIY or Store Bought) 
  6. Cuticle Cream (Optional)
  7. Base Coat 
  8. Top Coat 
Here's the Pro Tips from Julep
I have to say these were some amazing tips. For example the first one I never noticed that there were finer side and a coarse side to files. So I was pretty amazed at that. I almost never push my cuticles back at all nor do I use cuticle oil though. So a lot of these things on this list was my first time trying I like the way my nails turned out. I actually altered a few of the steps in this which seemed to work better for me so I get that whole princess pamper feel. However I've done it both ways and it works just the same.
1.Clip & Shape Your Nails:
(as said in the Julep Pro Tips) 
2. Buffed My Nails: 
(Instructions are usually on the buffer)
3. Cuticle Heaven:
I actually poured just a bit of my cuticle oil in a bowl big enough to fit my hands in. I heated it up for about 10-20 sec, which depends on how hot your microwave gets. You don't want it to burn you just enough to be warm and relaxing. I placed my hands in the bowl and kind of just let my cuticles soak up all the oil. I even rubbed the oil in while I was soaking. I let it sit in there for about 20 min. Then I went to step 4. 
4. Cuticle Pushing:
(as said in the Julep Pro Tips) This was the first time I've ever done this and wondered why I haven't ever before because the finish is really nice. 
5.Cuticle Cutting: 
(as said in the Julep Pro Tips) It's very important I've gone a bit overboard when trimming my cuticles and it really hurts. 
6. Polishing With My Base Coat:
It's always instructed to wash your nails before you apply any type of nail polish. I didn't because the oil was completely gone by this time, but if you have doubts wash them before applying nail polish. I just added my base coat to protect my nail before applying any nail polish. Or you could do what they did in Julep's pro tips and add a strengthener just follow the instructions on that. 
7. Applying Your Nail Polish: 
I decided to not do any nail polish for a while because I hate how it looks when it chips I never have the time to redo them immediately so I went for just a simple clear top coat. I was actually amazed how nice they looked. However if you'd like to go with a great nail polish for winter, you should definitely check out Juleps new winter collection. The colors are amazing I have a few of these colors myself. I think they're perfect for winter. 
My favorite color is definitely the Sawyer and the Kiki. I'm starting to realize more neutral tones look better with my skin color and I have yet to try out Sawyer. I just really love blue and that baby blue just looks amazing during this season. I believe Joanne and Ilsa are for the people who do deeper and darker colors during the winter. However I think all these colors are absolutely gorgeous. 
8. Cuticle Cream & Hand Lotion:
Next apply the cuticle cream or oil to your cuticles. Afterwards I also apply lotion to my hands because let's face it your hands need some TLC too. At the moment I've been using the EOS hand cream and I love it. So after I use the cuticle oil I apply my hand cream, it feels and looks amazing. 

Here is the finished look. I absolutely love how healthy my nails look. I think I'd be wearing them like this for a while. 

Try these tips and tell me what you think about it. Hope you guys have a safe and lovely winter. Have fun winterizing your life.

How do you guys winterize your nails?
What are some of your favorite winter nail colors?
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