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Flowers & More Flowers

Hey there. It's been forever since I've actually did a blog post of my own and today I have a very special treat for you guys. Last month in Match Made In Heaven I talked about my new partnership with Born Pretty an overseas store that has the most gorgeous jewelry for the most sensible prices. Today's post is all about showing you guys the beautiful flower necklace and a pair of flower earrings I got from there. I was not instructed what to write all opinions expressed are my own. I don't receive commission from any of the sales made. 

Vintage Elegant Camellia Flower Necklace: $4.39
The first item I'd like to talk about is the gorgeous Vintage Elegant Camellia Flower Rhinestone Necklace. Elegant is the perfect word to describe this necklace when I wear that's exactly how I feel. Collared necklaces have been a new interest of mine as soon as I saw this necklace I wanted it. It's a very unique necklace I haven't seen anything similar to it in stores I go into. I think adding this necklace to simple outfits really make the outfit stand out. As soon as I got it I wore it the next day and I've probably worn it for a whole week with all my outfits. I have that struggle where you buy jewelry but it only goes with like two outfits you wear this necklace pretty much goes with anything. I think this necklace is definitely worth that price. 
I paired with my flower dress because lets face it a girl can never get enough flowers. I hesitant to pair it with this dress because I thought it'd be a flower overdoes however the necklace complimented it very well. Here's a close up of how gorgeous it is. Believe it or not this necklace also comes in black so if you're not liking the white so much black is a good way to go it's equally gorgeous in black.

I didn't notice it this at first but I love the way the necklace looks when you pair it with more darker colors. It also looks nice with a bright red blouse. 

Along with the necklace I got a pair of Crystal Flower Earrings. I thought it'd be a perfect pair to go with the necklace and behold it is. These two really make a lovely pair. Like the necklace these earrings go with any outfit you have. I wore them with my flower dress as well. I think they're simple and elegant so it's a easy way to accessorize. 

I believe the best thing about Born Pretty isn't just their beautiful products. I really think it's their amazing customer service. Shipping is Free world wide, it takes a few days for it to get to you however if you run into any of the problems there's always someone you can talk to and they respond right away and they're eager to help you. That's what I love to see. I am more reluctant to spend all my money at a place that actually values my time and is kind to help me when I need help. That's something rare you see nowadays. The products get to you safe and sound, I think at born pretty you really get your money's worth. I am hoping you guys can find some things you like there too, they have an assortment of all types of styles and different varieties of jewelry. They're such an amazing store I hope you guys fall in love with it just as much as I do. 

Don't forget to use the 10% discount code below and it'll always be placed in the sidebar of my blog in case you come back later and decided to use it. This code doesn't expire so feel free to use it at anytime. 

I'd also like to mention that Born Pretty is celebrating their 4 Year Anniversary they're having a sale on items in the site including jewelry. This sale is going on until Nov 10. Here's a link to the sale page for more information Born Pretty's 4 Year Anniversary. 

Enjoy your weekend. I am encouraging you guys to shop so happy shopping.
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