Happiness With A Side Of Tea : Blogging Crush Series #14

Blogging Crush Series #14

Happy Tuesday!! As promised today is the next blogging in the blogging crush series from last week. Today's blogger is quite an adventurer, she travels, she's very inspirational, and I love reading her blog because it's full of her experiences, perceptions on life. I vicariously live life through her blog post since I don't travel anywhere. she actually inspires me to travel the world one day and experience  life hands on. Today's blogger is Kelly from A Lovely Life Indeed, today Kelly is doing a guest post on How to Escape The Crazy. I thought it was really needed since school has started for most people and the holidays are coming up everyones going to be going crazy. So let's get into shall we. 

Escape the Crazy: 3 Easy Steps
We all live lives with varying degrees of stress, but you don't have to be consumed by the chaos around you. Free yourself and find your peace.  

Here are three ways to center and find some serenity.

1. 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there.

Make the effort to spend at least 10 minutes when you wake up and 10 minutes before your eyes close for the night to breathe. Focus on the good and let yourself get lost in hope. 

2. For this, I am grateful.

Regardless of the inconvenient or downright ridiculous curve balls life throws, everyone has something in his or her life that is good...something that someone else wants...perhaps someone's unanswered prayers. Be mindful of what you do have. Start and end your day in gratitude...how can you go wrong?

3. Make a good choice. Your options are limitless...
  • eat a healthy meal
  • go for a walk
  • volunteer some time
  • visit a friend
  • call a friend
  • say you're sorry
  • go to bed a half hour earlier than you normally would
  • wake up a half hour earlier than you normally would
  • show your partner a little extra romance
  • show yourself a little extra kindness
When you begin with good intention, there are no wrong answers. When you do good, you feel good. And with choices you make, your power is yours. 

Don't let the chaos of others derail you and your sense of wellness and peace. Take time for yourself to renew and restore. 


Thank you Kelly for the lovely guest post. These are things I definitely have to start doing. Especially the first one. I don't even know what taking 10 min for yourself is. Hope Kelly has helped you guys learn how escape the crazy. 
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