Happiness With A Side Of Tea : 6 Things I Want To Accomplish Before My 21st Birthday

6 Things I Want To Accomplish Before My 21st Birthday

Two weeks ago I celebrated my 20th birthday. I was expecting some life changing feeling of “Now I am a woman or Now I am an adult” However I didn’t feel that, I really didn’t feel much at all it was just any other day except now I can say I was 20 instead of 19.  It just reminded me of what we learned about in psychology based on one of the theorist Erik Erikson. I quote he says “We’re not considered adults until we can financially stand on our own, and can take care of another human being.” I was just thinking. I am not an adult really then. our society may make me feel that way based on age but I am not. I live with my mother, I have no job, and I go to college full time. I obviously can’t financially stand on my own though I’d like to. College stresses me out enough as is and adding a job on top that sounds like a death wish. I see my classmates struggle all the time and use their job as an excuse as to why they’re failing a class.  I actually want to do well in my academics so I can get a higher paying job and one that I love. My teacher’s theory (which I agree with entirely) is that our society makes it impossible for us to be adults. I completely agree. Though lately the news has been saying that society has been doing pretty well with unemployment rates and ect. However I still see that college loans is highest debt in the country, some colleges students with degrees still flip burgers at Mc. Donald’s, and most are still financially dependent on their parents. Mm. So I don’t really feel like an adult. I just feel like I have more to accomplish. So I wanted to write out a list and next year when I turn 21 see if I accomplished anything on my list that would make me feel like an adult.

  1. Getting A Job or with my plan a summer job would do.
  2. Taking or Having More Opportunities To Prove Myself In My Field
  3. Decide Which Four Year College I Want To Go To
  4. Having My Driver License (Very interesting story as to why I don’t)
  5. Making More Decisions For My Life & Where I Want To Go
  6. Dealing with my demons head on.

Six things I want to accomplish though may seem unimportant are really important to me. They’re something that I want to accomplish in hopes it’ll lead me closer to be an adult they’re also something I can look back on and say hey I accomplished something. So hopefully I can accomplish some of these before October 13, 2015. 

What would you like to accomplish before your next birthday?
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