Happiness With A Side Of Tea : I'm Alive, but Barely

I'm Alive, but Barely

Hello Lovelies! It's been a while since I've posted something on this here blog. I just wanted to inform you all I am very much a alive but barely. (just kidding, or am I) So I thought I rant and rave about why I've been MIA recently. College isn't as easy as it looks, you're probably thinking well no duh. However I really had this demeanor that I could go to classes everyday, be able to study for test, do my homework, get everything I needed to get done for school and home, and still be able to blog every week and if I am lucky three times a week. Yeah, that dreamed has sailed like 2 weeks in, ahaha. I started posting 2 times a week and said well that's fine, I am happy I got to post with my busy schedule. Last week was probably the worst week for me because after the Blogging Crush Series, I had planned to do my September Goals and Recap for August. College had another plan for me it, teachers decided that it'd be good to give me 4 test in the same week. So I was reading and making study guides like a crazy person. Not to mention the week after that I had a math test and a whole bunch of my math homework was due. The math homework I normal work on throughout the week so I don't have to rush doing it all in one night but because of all the studying and test, I didn't get around to it. On top of all that I caught the flu that has been going around, which I am still trying to recover from. So it's fair to say the past few weeks haven't been the best for me, but at the same it wasn't exactly horrible.

I managed to get a few housework things done, like washing, cleaning, and rearranging my room. I begged my mom to drag me to Barnes and Noble. So I finally got The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and In Real Life by Nev Schulman. I am hoping to finish at least one book by the end of this month, because we all know how I am when it comes to reading. I also got the chance to pre-order The Pointless Book by Alfie Deyes and Girl Online by Zoe Snug. I am excited! They're my favorite youtubers and these are their first published books. So I can't wait for them to come. I also have a lot of little post ideas and project's I'll be working on I am hoping if all goes well and if I have the time you guys will get to see them all.

Yeah so with the bad days there is some good. I am happy I could see that. So don't worry everyone I am alive and breathing, coughing every minute but breathing. I will try my best to get back on my scheduling and blogging. Just have little patiences with me please. I hope you all have been having a better week than I have. I'll see you guys next time.

What have you guys been up to these past few weeks?
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