Happiness With A Side Of Tea : Blogging Crush Series #6

Blogging Crush Series #6

*yells uncontrollably with excitement* It's already September, time sure does fly. Happy Labor Day, I hope everyones enjoying their lovely 3 day weekend. I don't want this day to end because after today it's back to life as usually. Anywho, today is the very first week in September, do you know what that means... BLOGGING CRUSH SERIES!!! Yep it's back, hence why I said time flies, it feels like we just started the Blogging Crush Series last week. So stayed tune this week and meet some interesting, amazing, and beautiful bloggers. Let's get this show on the road shall we. I am so excited and ready to introduce the blogger for today. 
I love this lady to pieces, she's has such a good heart, she loves to help wherever it's needed, sometimes I like to think of her as the mother of blogging (not that she's old) just because I think she has a lot of wisdom about life, everything blogging and she really inspires me. Ooo, and she does the most amazing table settings. I am sure if I actually took time to set my table I'd be going to her blog for some inspiration. Do you guys have an idea on who it is? It's Kathe from Kathe With An E. If you haven't been to her blog or don't know her. Then this is the perfect opportunity to get to know her and head over to her blog. I got the privilege to interview this lovely lady. So here is a little what I learned about Kathe. 

Hi, I am Kathe and I blog at Kathe With An E.  My loves include Mr. B, my sons and their families, our Jack Russell Max, gardening, cooking, tablescaping, crafting & thrifting. I began blogging almost 3 years ago as a creative outlet. Not many of my friends or family understand tablescaping or are into trying out new recipes or crafts.  I have now found a HUGE group of virtual friends, like Jazmine, that "get me"! I am thrilled to be visiting here and being interviewed by my buddy Jazmine! 

1.) Do you find it hard finding topics to write about in your niche? What inspires you to write about these topics?

I consider myself a lifestyle blogger, so I really don’t have a set niche.  I write about d├ęcor, tablescaping, gardening, recipes etc. meaning I can pick out anything really and write about.  Not to say it’s always easy. If I do need some inspiration I read other blogs, check out links in link parties to see what is trending and check out Pinterest regularly for ideas.

      2.) Do you enjoying blogging? Why?

I do love blogging!  I love writing and sharing my home and my creativity with others that “get” me.  I love meeting other bloggers and networking with them on how to be a better blogger.  And, I especially love my readers! They are the fuel that keeps me going everyday! 

      3.)What do you find most complicating about blogging?

Oh man!  Scheduling hands down! I am a “fly by the seat of my pants” blogger.  I envy those that have posts set up days, weeks, months in advance!  In the blogging world you have to be thinking about the next season or holiday months in advance.  I wish I was better at planning ahead. 

      4.) What has blogging taught you?

My writing skills have improved that is for sure!  It has also taught me so much of the behind the scenes of blogging.  I now know that what is shared in words and photos is not always the whole story! It is, slowly, teaching me about time management and keeping up with commitments.  I have also learned how to be more professional in approaching brands to, hopefully, engage in a working relationship that benefits us both.

5.) What inspired you to start blogging?

I had been reading other blogs for a long time.  Tablescaping is my art form. A dining table is my canvas and I love to create my own art using my dining table. I had nowhere to share my table creations and my friends and family had never heard of the term tablescaping.  One day my husband, who I refer to as Mr. B, told me I needed to start my own blog to share my tables, garden, recipes etc. on.  He also knew that I loved to write but had no outlet to do so.  So, in August of 2011, I wrote my first post and nervously hit the Publish button.  The response was mind boggling and, from there, I was hooked!

      6.) What’s your favorite part about being apart of the blogger community?

Oh hands down, the people I “meet”!  I correspond, daily, with people from around the world!  There are readers and other bloggers, that I consider dear friends, from California to Australia to India to Finland! I have been lucky enough to meet several local bloggers and there are many in other parts of the country that are on my bucket list to meet in person. 

      7.) Do you have any advice for the newbie bloggers?

Blogging is not as easy as it may look. Think about what your goal is from blogging.  Be prepared to be patient!  It takes time to build up trust and gain regular and new readers.  Never ever compare your blog to any other blog! Your blog has a place in your niche and you need to be happy with that thought and build it from there. To be successful you have to be committed.  It’s your job to always be learning, working on your social media reach, getting your blog out there to be seen. Blogging is not publishing a post and thinking that’s it. It’s up to you to find the balance between working a full time job, like I do, spending time with family, and then creating, staging, photographing, writing your post and then posting to link parties, and sharing on all of the social media sites. It can be overwhelming and if it comes to that, don’t be afraid to step back and take a break!

Thank you Kathe for all those lovely tips for new bloggers, and for letting us get to know you better. Now you see why I consider her the mom of blogging. She's inspired me a many of times. I hope you guys loved this interview, don't forget to go check out Kathe's blog Kathe With An E, leave her some love. Once again have a fabulous Labor Day. I'll see you guys tomorrow with an another spectacular blogger. 
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