Happiness With A Side Of Tea : When Life Gives You Lemonade Make Lemons

When Life Gives You Lemonade Make Lemons

So recently I was talking to my boyfriend, he said a quote and I thought it was cute and funny but now that I think about it maybe he was right.  He told me “When life gives you lemonade make lemons. Life will be like whaaat. It’s a backwards silly joke but it makes so much sense.  When life gives you something completely hard to handle or go through, keep your head up and never give up and life will be like Whhaaat? You can be completely surprised about what you can accomplish and go through when you have determination and drive not to mention a very good support system.

I definitely needed to hear that quote more than anything. Life totally gave me some lemonade these past few weeks. I took and drank it without even adding sugar. I wanted to give up on all this and all the hard work I put into this blog and I was ready to give in to self doubt and say “Okay you win, I am done.” However with the help of my lovely support system consisting of several friends and family. They encouraged me to keep going. Though their encouragement helped it was something I had to do on my own. I needed to get up and stop being mopping around and start life again, here I am better than I was before and telling you guys all about it. So I guess I finally made some lemons so life can be all shocked.  I wanted to share some more quotes that might help inspire you if you ever start having self doubt or if you’re going through a rough time.

“You’re enough. Not because you did or said or thought or bought or become or created something special. But because you always were.”

That has to be one of my favorites because it’s extremely true. I don’t know how many times I thought if I changed this or I bought that then maybe I’d actually be good enough for someone or to do something. It’s not true, it took a long time to figure that out. I am and we all are enough not because we did something to becoming enough but because we were enough in the beginning and we’ll be enough in the end.
“Never quit, if you stumble get back up. What happened yesterday no longer matters. Today is another day so get on track and move closer to your hopes and dreams, you can do it.”

It’s easy to want to quit when you’re down or if you screw up something. I know I’ve wanted to do it a million times. Just because it seems easier to give up then to get back and try it all over again. Most of the time I am worried I’ll make another mistake along the way, but we’re all meant to make mistakes. We all should make more mistakes. That should be our goals each month make as many mistakes as we can and learn from them. The past is in the past. What happened yesterday or years ago no longer matters. That’s the great thing about waking up each moring it’s like getting a clean slate every day. So make a mistake today, wake up refreshed tomorrow you’re one day closer to your dreams and hopes.  Don’t forget to repeat that process each day.
“We cannot control the wind but we can direct the sail”

It’s hard to explain precisely what this means.  I think different people have different views about this quote, as for me it means we can’t change what life gives us but we can change the way react to it.  It’s just like the lemon quote.  When life gives you something you can’t handle try having a positive attitude and put your best foot forward. Direct that sail, and lead it out of the storm.

Do you guys ever have self doubt? What’s some quotes that help you through it?
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