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Top 10 Favorite Childhood Books

Last week we went to the library so my nephew could pick out a book. I was just reminiscing about all the times I went there as kid and noticed how much my reading evolved over the years, that I didn’t notice then. While looking around I saw a lot of books I used to love reading when I saw them I got so excited. It brought me back to the memories where I could read books in one day, and I never struggled keeping an interest in them. I remember I loved reading so much my dad ended up calling me reader rabbit. There wasn’t a time when I’d be caught without a book.  
One summer all I spent my money on was books from Boarders and Barnes and Noble, I spent that whole summer reading my brother begged me to stop and spend time away from a book. However that seemed impossible for me. Though I still love reading now it’s just hard for me to find that passion for reading as I once had. I can’t remember the last book I actually enjoyed reading long enough to see how it ends. I have a stack of books I have now that I have yet to read. Looking back and reminiscing makes me miss those days where I just get lost in a book, eventually I become so self involved that it’s all I ever want to talk about every second. That’s why I am trying to make an effort to read this month a little more and see if I can find a genre I like and explore different types of things. In the spirit of that. I wanted to share my top 10 favorite childhood books.

1.) Junie B. Jones Books I used to read this to my grandmother all the time. The first thing she said is “Oh no not this again.” I loved this book Junie B. Jones was always into some mischief, it made the book funny and more interesting.  I liked how the beginnings all started the same. I’ve read it enough where I can repeat it.  They still make books now however she’s in 4th or 5th grade I believe. The highest grade I’ve ever read she was in was 1st. After that I moved on to something a little more that interested me.

2.) Cam Jansen Books: I’ve never been a fan of mystery. My mother loved the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew but I couldn’t read those. I guess they didn’t interest me the same way the Cam Jansen books did. I guess what drew me to these books is because she’s a teenage girl who solves crime with her photographic memory. Now that I think of it’s basically like Psych.  It’s so cool. Who doesn’t love a girl who solves crimes with just her observation and ability to remember everything around her with her mind.

3.) American Girl Doll Books: Yeah. I had that phase where I loved reading the American Girl doll books. There was just something about it I loved. My favorite was Felicity. She was just so fun, stubborn and free spirited. In ways I guess I could relate to her. That’s why I loved her not mention I think I love the era she was in. I imagined what it’d be like if I was in her shoes churning butter and wearing petticoats. I also read Molly, Kit, Samantha, Addy, and Kirsten. I believe every girl comes from a different culture and time. Which is interesting because you learn about history and cultures while reading so it’s not entirely fiction, it is loosely based on some real events or time.

4.) The Ugly Series: To be honest I love Scott Westerfeld. He is the reason I love stories based on different worlds or societies. He’s a great writer I love several of his books. However the Uglies Series was always a favorite of mine. It’s about this society the teens turn a certain age and they receive an operation that gets rid of all their flaws, like scars and other things like that. However it’s something else about the operation that makes them different. Once they turn that age they’re free to live alone without their parents. Anywho, in every book you need rebels. So with this book there are several rebels who ran away and don’t want to be involved in that operation. It just explains these two girls journey as they uncover the truth about their city and their lifestyle. It’s a really good book. It is loosely based on society now. I think that’s why I liked it. He kinda talks about the pressure to be pretty and accepted. It’s more of mocking society but it’s a good book nonetheless.       

5.) Peeps: Also a book by Scott Westerfeld. It’s just a book loosely based on actually facts explaining the virus of vampires. It’s a bit of a vampire book with a twist because in the book it’s more of a parasite the world is trying to get rid of and it breeds in rats and humans get effected somehow. It’s passed on almost like STD. It’s actually an interesting concept of it all really. It’s a super good book.

6.) The Outsiders: Surprisingly I didn’t want to read this at first. It was class assignment for reading class and we all had to read this book. However I ended up loving it so much I read it every year. I can’t read it now though, I think it just got tiring after a while but it’s still my fave.  Not sure why I love it so much. I think it was just something different. It’s a sad but touching story. It’s about the time when they had different gangs based on social groups.  I don’t want to give too much away from it. It’s just about boys who lives change and turn upside down you just hear their story and what it’s all about it. I think it encourages breaking down barriers and realizing that no matter where you come from you’re not that different.

7.) The Giver: I tried rereading this book and I can’t but it’s an amazing book. Once again I had to read this for class but I ended up loving it. I got excited because recently they made a movie for it, it’s came out Friday. I think I have thing for different worlds and societies.  However it’s all about this society where the community leaders decided where you should be placed and ect. The Giver is somehow how knows everything a life beyond the city and community. He knows what it’s like to feel and he has raw emotions. He knows things that the others don’t. He’s not allowed to tell the rest of community.  It’s called the giver because he passes down his knowledge to his apprentice the one who will be taking over his job. It’s just the story of what he discovers about his world and community. He doesn’t agree with it. So it just explains his story as he takes on his new job and what he does about what he knows.

8.) The Clique Series: I found it strange that I liked this series. It’s actually a movie. However reading the book is a lot more fun. It’s just a typically book about girls experience in  middle school and high school, however it was lot more interesting than that. I suppose because it’s not a typical high school experience and these girls weren’t typically either. It was interesting to me I read almost all the books, well before they started making more. It’s almost reminds me of pretty liars in a way, well without the mystery and murder.

9.) The First Part Last: I loved Angela Johnson books at well there was just something the way she wrote that drew me in. This book was about a young teenager who got his girlfriend pregnant. It just tells his and her journey before and after the baby. It’s such a heartfelt story. It explains about how his life changed and how he wants a better life for his new baby girl. It’s really good book I’ve reread it several times.

10.) Looking For Red: Another Angela Johnson book that’s equally heartfelt and good.  This girl lost her brother Red. It’s just her journey and how she deals with losing her brother and how she’s attempting to pick up the pieces. She’s also faced with trying to realize what’s real and what’s not. It’s a lovely book. 

That does it for my top 10 books from my childhood. I know there’s a lot I can’t remember reading. Like I am sure I was big fan of the Berienstien Bears book series. Every time I see these books in the store I feel so old because my eyes light u p and I feel the need to tell who ever around me how good the book is. That’s the passion talking. Hopefully I continue my journey and continue to explore different genres. 
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