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My Life Lately

The two weeks before last week I was M.I.A. as much as I hate to admit this but my creativity river for blogging just didn’t flow those last two weeks. I was questioning, doubting myself, and debating whether blogging is something I still wanted to do. I thought if it was so easy for me to just lose inspiration then maybe I wasn’t cut out for blogging at all. 

I think I got so caught up in where I want my blogging to go and I forget why I started blogging in the first place. I was worried about how many comments I get, whether what I posted was good enough or not, and I put all this pressure on myself that I forget to just let go and let the creativity and words flow. So all that pressure I put on myself really discouraged me from continuing my blogging journey. However with the advice from fellow bloggers I decided to take a little blogging break. During the break I reflected on why I started in the first place, blogging gave me an outlet to express myself, it was also a great channel for my creativity, and it's become a hobby I've grown to love. I've met a lot of amazing bloggers from blogging and I've a learned a lot of interesting things I never knew before. I believe I just so caught up in blogging stats and ect, that I really lost site of what makes blogging fun for me. 

So I am done adding all this anxiety and pressure on myself to blog. I’ll miss a few days from lack of inspiration or just because I am busy with all the recent things that have come up in my life. My editorial calendar isn’t all filled up with ideas. I am taking time to breath and enjoy the day and just let the ideas and inspiration flow as it comes, no pressure. So I am back. I wanted to share with why I’ve been gone a whole two weeks.

On a brighter note I wanted to share what’s been happening in my life lately. Well summer is ending and school starts on the 18th, so I am back home and anxious to begin school. However I am sad to see summer end. I purchased my books last week, I am honestly glad I won't be carrying all of them around the whole week because they are pretty heavy. I love my schedule. I got to school Mon-Fri but I only have one class on Tues. and Thurs., sadly it's math, and I don't need to be at class till 11:00am on Fri., so it works out. 

Recently we got a new addition to our family Liger the cutest little kitten in the world She definitely takes up most of time lately. Those tumblr bloggers weren’t kidding kittens really love laptops. She’s always crawling on my laptop almost like she’s saying “Hey stop that and pay attention to me I am cuter.” how can I say no to that. haha. She's also extremely bossy she'll wake me up around 8:00am just so I can feed her, or she'll claw at my hand when I am trying to blog so I can pet her. So I apologize in advance for those of you who follow me on Instagram pictures of her are will probably be surfacing a lot every now and then. 

If you haven’t been around in while I started a new series last week. Which I am still extremely excited about. It’s called the Blogging Crush Series. I feature some of my favorite bloggers I have a “crush” on. The next part in the series is Sept. 1-5, but it’s not late to go check out the ones you missed if you did. Here’s the link for Aug.4-8 It was really nice getting to know more about some of my favorite bloggers. It was just a fun experience and the feedback on the series makes me want to do it again next year. 

So there’s my life as of late and where I’ve been, nothing too big. Just been taking the time out to change some perspectives. 

Do you ever doubt yourself every now and then?

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