Happiness With A Side Of Tea : Must Have Backpack Essentials

Must Have Backpack Essentials

Back To School Essentials

All my friends always teased me saying I had my whole bedroom in my backpack, however you honestly don’t know how many times what I have actually comes in handy. So in the spirit of back to school I wanted to share my Backpack Essentials, it doesn’t have to be for a backpack you can probably find some of these in my purse too.

  1. Pocket Kleenex $1.04: It’s allergy season every season for me. So I need to have these in handy. It actually comes in handy when other people need it so yay. If you buy this in a pack of 3 I know you save a lot more.
  2. Tide-To-Go $2.49: I’m an extremely clumsy person so keeping a tide go is my must have essential in my bag. It comes in handy when you can’t go home and change.
  3. Floral Toiletry Case $7.89: So as the word kinda explains it all I don’t want to go into much detail. However I needed a cute little emergency kit for those days of the months when a little gift is given to me. I loved this because it fits just about everything I need in it. It folds up and no one would guess what it is by looking at it.
  4. EOS Hand Cream $1.99: You can always find lotion or hand cream in my purse. Lately I’ve been loving anything EOS from hand cream to lip balm, and shaving cream. I’m in love with their products. However lotion is a must in my bag because my hands get dry or my face. It’s good to keep it near by.
  5. EOS Lip Balm $2.99 & Burt Bee’s Lip Balm $2.99: These two brands are my favorite. I actually use both of them at same time sometimes. They work amazing.
  6. Purell Sanitizer $1.49: It doesn’t have to Purell brand but I think any hand sanitizer will do. It comes in handy especially since flu season is coming up. So it’s good to keep this handy.
  7. Summers Eve Wipes $3.59: Same as sanitizer this is essential to me. I prefer using these for my hands over sanitizer, or I use these for face. I know that’s why they evented face wipes but I prefer this more. They smell good. 
What are your Backpack or Purse Essentials?

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