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Match Made In Heaven

I’m so honored and excited to be working with Jenny from Born Pretty’s Jewelry & Accessory Department. I have recently started a blogging program with them, they’ll be sending me free samples each month to do a review on this lovely bloggy blog right here. I’m excited to show you guys the shop but first we need to get serious for a moment. I was not instructed what to write, all opinions expressed are solely mine. I don’t get commission from any of the sales made. Okie Dokie! with business out of the way let’s explain what Born Pretty is all about, and why it’s my new go to store.

I’m addicted to jewelry; it’s one of my weaknesses. I believe jewelry really puts an outfit together, it brings it to life. So when I see pretty, unique, not easily broken yet affordable jewelry I don’t waste anytime buying it. However it seems impossible to find. I am lucky if I can find jewelry with at least two of those distinctions. Well until I stumbled across Born Pretty, I actually discovered it from of another blogger, but I can’t remember whom. I decided it’d be worth a look, I didn’t regret it. As soon as I was on Born Pretty the first place I go to was the jewelry, of course and to my amazement jewelry with all three distinctions. I felt like a child seeing presents under the tree Christmas morning. It was definitely a match made in heaven.

Introducing Born Pretty!

Does Born Pretty Just Sell Jewelry & Accessories?
Nope, they sell nail art goodies, make-up and other beauty products, jewelry and accessories, clothing and apparel, accessories and cases for cell phones and tablets, hair accessories, home and garden goods, stationery and a small collection of toys, cosmetic contacts, and outdoor sporting goods. They have pretty much everything you can think of.
5 Reasons To Shop At Born Pretty

Ships worldwide for FREE: Honestly nowadays the shipping prices cost as much as the products you buy. Which really makes me hesitant to buy online. So when I saw the words “Free Shipping” I went into a frenzy.. The shipping does take a few weeks depending but it’s worth it.

Affordable Prices: Another wow factor about this store. Their prices are probably the most affordable prices I’ve seen opposed to other stores. I have this thing on my laptop that automatically compares prices and gives you a store with lower prices, when I shop on Born Pretty nothing every comes up.

Customer Service is AWESOME: As crazy as it may seem finding respectable, patient, kind, and polite customer service people in some businesses is hard to find, but not on Born Pretty. They’re fast to respond to your problems, as well as being patient and kind when it comes to addressing these problems. They’re happy to help you, that just explains a lot about the business. Customer service is basically the face of the store, it’s what you base all first impressions on, and it’s what keeps me coming back for more or not coming back at all.

Spectacular Products: The hardest part for me was making decisions on what I should purchase. So many gorgeous and unique things to choose from, it made shopping so much more fun. I love the fact that some things sold there aren’t sold here in the U.S. if it is it’s either expensive, or rare to find. As said before it’s hard finding products with all three distinctions so I tend to take advantage of it while I can.

Search Bar

Options to change the currency and language 

Navigation Is Easy:
When it comes to shopping online I like when the business makes it easy for you to get around the shop and find them. I like sites who have everything put in appropriate categories, that way items can be find easily. I also love that they have a search bar at the top of the page, another fast way to search for what you’re looking for. At your convenience you have the option to change the language as well as the currency in case you live somewhere else. Description and prices are clearly labeled and check out is easy peasy lemon squeezy.

So there it is all on the table, what Born Pretty sells, and 5 reasons why Born Pretty is a match made in haven. You should really go see for yourself, I’m sure you guys will really enjoy the store. I have a lovely for you guys. Here’s a 10% discount code off anything you purchase in the store, it doesn’t expire, so comeback and use it anytime you want, it shall stay on the side bar of blog under sponsors.

I encourage you guys to use the code and comeback and tell me what you bought with it, or what you want to buy, or what you think about the store. If you know someone who might be interested in the store please share this and the code with them. It’s perfectly fine with me after all sharing is caring *winks*

Well loves that’s all I have for today, Enjoy your Monday and stay tuned for my very first product review brought to you by Born Pretty.

I was not instructed what to write, all opinions expressed are solely mine. I don’t get commission from any of the sales made.

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