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Blogging Crush Series

I know it's been a few weeks since I've blogged, I will have to explain all that a little bit later. Right now I'd like to announce something I've been working on for a few months now *drum rolls* it's called Blogging Crush. I decided to turn it into series thanks to all the lovely support and ideas of the ladies on Bloggers on Blogspot. I thought it'd be an interesting idea just to share some of the blogs I have a huge "crush" on, mostly because I admire them and I think they give out useful and inspiring content. It was just going to piece about what they write about how everyone should go check them out, then a blogger recommended I do an interview which I thought was a great idea. So thus started my blogging crush series. The series is filled with interviews and some guest post from bloggers that I have a crush on *wink wink* 
There's 15 bloggers and they'll be taking over my blog the first week of every month starting this month till Oct. The series starts Aug. 4. I am really excited to see this all come together. It was fun and exciting getting the chance to interview this ladies and I actually learned a lot about them I didn't know while reading their blog. Depending on well this goes I might make it a yearly thing.  *fingers crossed* Without further to do lets announce the 15 bloggers who will be taking over my blog for each week. 
Aug. 4 is Annette from this This Simple Home. 
Aug. 5 is Elizabeth from Elizabeth Loves.
Aug. 6 is Anni from Grapefruitprincess Reloaded 
Aug. 7 is Jilly from Hi It's Jilly. 
Aug. 8 is Starla from Pressing In and Pressin on. 
Sept. 1 is Kathe from Kathe With An E 
Sept. 2 is Lara from Overstuffed 
Sept. 3 is Katie from Lublyou
Sept. 4 is Elsie and Emma from A Beautiful Mess
Sept. 5 is Jerlyn from A Cup Full Of Hope
Oct. 6 is Tiffany from Endless Bliss
Oct. 7 is Marc and Angel from Marc and Angel Hack Life
Oct. 8 is Carri from Everything Pretty
Oct. 9 is Kelly from A Lovely Life Indeed
Oct. 10 is Elizabeth from Real Inspired 
So come find out the juicy information I learned from these bloggers,  get to know a little more about them and definitely stop by their blogs and you'll see why I have a major crush on them. 
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