Happiness With A Side Of Tea : Blogging Crush Series #5

Blogging Crush Series #5

Happy Friday Everyone. It’s the last day of the Blogger Crush Series this month. *sad face* However we always have next month not to mention we have one more person left this month. 

I believe this lovely ladies post are very inspirational usually when I read them they make think about life and they’re completely relatable. Every time I read it, it’s always something that I need to hear somehow. I enjoy her style of writing. Mrs. Starla from Pressing In and Pressing On.  

1.) Favorite song that just set your mood for summer?

Not sure I have a favorite “summer” song but lately I’ve been listening to One Girl Nation. They are my current fav.

2.) Favorite summer snack and beverage?
Watermelon!! I look forward to watermelon every summer. Yum.

Sweet Tea! I’m from the south and we love our sweet tea.

3.) What’s on top of your summer bucketlist?

Kids camp. We are so excited to go. Also, deep clean/organize my kitchen. I want to decorate with a Mexican flare.

4.) If you could have your dream summer vacation where would you go and what would you do?

I would want to go to Italy and take a romantic boat ride river with my husband, tour the country side and enjoy some yummy food.

5.) Favorite summer activity?
Out on the Lake! My parents own a pontoon boat and I love to be out on the water with them soaking up the sun and enjoying the view from the water. Love it!

6.) What are your plans for the summer?

My sister and an Aunt of mine are coming to visit so a lot of time will be spent hanging out with them. Plus cook outs, swimming, redoing my kitchen, and playing with my kiddos.

7.) Favorite summer memory?

Riding bikes around the neighborhood. I loved that when I was a kid. Oh and the Ice Cream truck!! We would yell with excitement when we’d hear the ice cream truck music and run to my mom to beg for money to buy ice cream. LOL

8.) What is your favorite thing about summer?

Flip-flops, the sun, boat rides, darker skin, a break from homeschooling, and watermelon.

9.) What are your 3 summer essentials?

Flip flops, pony tail holders (to pull my hair up in a messy bun), and water!

10.) What do you dislike about summer?

I fail at my water intake and run the risk of dehydration sometimes. With summer comes the heat, which I love, but I can get dehydrated easily. I need to find a better solution to remind myself I need water.

Makes me wish summer won't end. Watermelon is ultimately on my snack list for every summer it's so yummy. I don't know it's weird that I still get excited when I hear ice cream trucks. Keep summer alive a little longer and do the summer tag. If you do come back and share it with me. I'd love to read your answers. Stop by Pressing In and Pressing On and get to know Starla a little bit better and see what her blog is all about. 

What are some of your favorite summer memories?

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  1. Yay! Thanks for the fun interview!

  2. Thank you for participating. :) it was fun.

    1. Thank you for the opportunity! It was fun!