Happiness With A Side Of Tea : Blogging Crush Series #4

Blogging Crush Series #4

It’s officially day four in the blogging crush series. I don’t know why I keep counting it down, possibly because I am still so excited about it. However tomorrow’s our last day until September. So let’s make the most of the bloggers we have left. 

Today we have a blogger that’s pretty amazing on her blog you can find everyday crafts and crafts for your home, recipes, tutorials, and mommy things it’s Jilly from Hi It’s Jilly.  I think if you’re looking for fun crafts or yummy treats her blog is definitely the place to go. I have no idea where she get’s the inspiration for all the crafts she does but they’re amazing so you should see them on her blog, you never know you might find something you have to try.

1.) What do you do on your free time? 
Free time?! What's that?! Ha ha! In my free time I watch TV, play the piano, and surf the internet.

2.) Do you have any guilty pleasures? 
Eating chocolate and watching TV shows that are ridiculous, like Revenge.

3.) Describe your dream vacation? 
ITALY! I want to go to Italy SO much!

4.) What’s the most life changing thing that happened to you? 
Probably going through infertility treatments, then having triplets! (You can read my pregnancy story here)

5.) What’s one thing on your bucket list you really want to accomplish?
I think it would be awesome to visit every state in the United States. I've already been to a lot of them

6.) All time favorite song you could play over and over again and never get tired of it? 
Being a musician, choosing an all-time favorite song is tough! I like music in so many different genres! 

7.) What’s your most embarrassing moment?
I don't have a super embarrassing moment that comes to mind, but I embarrass myself all the time! Ha ha!

8.) What’s a store you could spend hours in?
Any craft store or bookstore!

9.) What’s your favorite holiday?
Probably have to say Christmas.

10.) If you could go back in time and give advice to your younger self what would that advice be?
Learn how to manage your time wisely and develop good habits

11.) What do you think is the most overplayed song this year? 
I don't know about this year, but last year it was Blurred Lines. I seriously hate that song. Can't stand it. When we went to NYC last summer we heard it on every street corner and it was SO annoying. 

12). What’s your favorite thing about being a blogger?
All the awesome people I've gotten to know. I also love hearing from my readers that one of my posts have helped them.

13.) Favorite childhood TV show? 
When I was in kindergarten I had to watch Fraggle Rock every morning before getting on the bus!

14.) What’s one thing you’ll never do again?
Eat canned peas. *shudder*

15.) What are you currently obsessed about?
We're planning a trip to Florida in December with my in-laws, my mom, and a couple of my sisters. I'm am really excited about it!

16.) What was your high school experience like?
High school was pretty crazy. We moved halfway through my junior year across the country, then the summer between junior and senior year we moved to another town an hour away. So, I started my senior year at a new high school! 

17.) If you could go back in time and fix any mistake what would it be and why?
I would spend more time getting to know and talking to my Dad. He passed away a few years ago.

18.) What are some of your hobbies? 
Playing the piano, singing, crafting, and collecting milk glass.

19.) Who knows you the best?
Probably my husband. 

20.) Favorite comfort food?
I'd have to say chocolate. I'm kind of addicted to it and need to cut waaaay back!

I could spend hours in a craft store and bookstore too especially a bookstore. My mother has to drag me out of their sometimes. It's okies I am addicted to chocolate too especially white chocolate. I don't know why but personally I loved asking random questions. I feel like I learned so much more about Jilly that I didn't before. Don't forget to stop by HiIt'sJilly and say Hi. 

What are some of your hobbies? 
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